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  • On each episode of the Table Talk Podcast we dive deeper into the unanswered questions shaping the food and drink landscape. Expect to hear from industry leaders, influencers and innovators on the ground driving the change each and every day.

The Table Talk Podcast brings industry thought leaders together to explore and answer some of the biggest challenges facing the better-for-you food and drink industry.

Nutrition, science, marketing, food tech, retail trends and more come under the microscope from the Table Talk Podcast series. Subscribe via your preferred podcast platform here.

The first in a series on gut health, hear from one of the most exciting people working in this field, Tim Spector. A renowned Professor of Genetic Epidemiology and author of The Diet Myth as he explores the world of the microbiome

Your packaging is the first thing a consumer sees when shopping for their food, it conveys information about taste, experience, and your brand. How can food and drink brands can use it to help promote their products

In this Table Talk Podcast we take a look at one of the foremost issues affecting our planet, the need to be more sustainable. How can the food industry help promote sustainability, and make money at the same time?

What role can sensory science play in development of these new food solutions? We’ll explore what role sensory science plays in product development and the experience of consuming food that these technologies play into

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