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Thank you to everyone who attended Food Matters Summit 2020. We look forward to seeing you next year.

New thinking.
Game changing.
Future making.

Feeding the future: how disruption is changing
the food industry

Tuesday, 19 November

09.30 – 13.00

Disrupting the business of food

Disruption is becoming a feature of the food industry. Numerous entrants to the market provide both a threat and an opportunity for the established food industry.

Technology is the key facilitator, but equally as important, they provide energy, new ideas, flexibility, immediacy and relevance. So how can these exciting new companies be encouraged further, and how can their impact be accelerated for the benefit of the food system?

Moderated by: Leo Johnson, Presenter, Radio 4’s FutureProofing and Head of PwC's Disruption practice

  • Marius Robles, CEO, Reimagine Food (Spain)
  • Bruce Friedrich, co-founder and executive director, The Good Food Institute (US)
  • Professor Oded Shoseyov, Nano Biotechnology, protein engineering and material sciences, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel)
  • Gil Horsky, Director of Innovation SnackFutures, Mondelez International (Israel)
  • Dr Katrina Hayter, Challenge Director- Transforming Food Production, UK Research and Innovation
  • Manuela Borella, Manifesto Innovation Accelerator General Manager, Danone (France)

14.00 – 17.30

Meet the game changers

This session celebrates the innovators and disruptors making a difference to the food sector. Covering a range of activities, such as innovative proteins, waste reduction solutions, smart kitchen technology, sustainable packaging, food delivery, subscription kits, and many more.

Some are still embryonic, but all reflect a rethinking of every aspect of the way we source, produce, package, distribute, promote, buy and consume.

Moderated by: Stefan Gates, TV presenter and food writer

  • Dr Sandhya Sriram, Co-founder and CEO, Shiok Meats (Singapore)
  • Jamie Crummie, Founder, Too Good to Go (UK)
  • Tom Mohrmann, CEO, Protifarm (The Netherlands)
  • Lisa Shiller, Chief Data Scientist, Foodmaestro (UK)
  • Shlomi Goren, CBO, Co-Founder & Board Director, RilBite (Israel)
  • Melissa Snover, CEO, Get Nourished (UK)


Wednesday, 20 November

09.30 – 13.00

Big change means big innovation

This session looks at the innovation programmes which the global giants of agriculture are working towards, including improving fertility, plant breeding, crop protection, and encouraging environmental benefits.

It also looks to sources of new ideas and exciting initiatives from outside of ‘Big Agri’, and explores how they can play their part in making change happen.

Moderated by: Leo Johnson, Presenter, Radio 4’s FutureProofing and Head of PwC's Disruption practice

  • Professor Angela Karp, Director for science, innovation, engagement and partnerships, Rothamsted Research (UK)
  • Christine Gould, Founder and CEO, Thought For Food (Switzerland)
  • Kim A. Odhner, Managing Partner, Europe & Asia, New Crop Capital (The Netherlands)

14.00 – 17.00

The Vegans are the ultimate disruptors?

Statistics show around a third of Britons are reducing the amount of meat they eat or cutting it out altogether. This is consumer disruption on a large scale, providing enormous opportunity for food producers and food technologists.

This session explores the exciting future for plant-based food business, and highlights the innovators. Will they be known as ‘Big Food’ by 2067?

Moderated by: Dr Gabrielle Walker, writer, broadcaster and strategist on sustainability, energy and climate change

  • Heather Mills, Founder, VBites (UK)
  • Patrick Holden, Chief Executive, Sustainable Food Trust (UK)
  • Andy Shovel, Co-Founder, THIS (UK)
  • Claire Smith, CEO and vegan investor, Beyond Impact (Switzerland)