Inspiring the future of food and nutrition, 15 October 2020, Virtual Event

Founder & CEO, MIWA

Petr Baca

Petr is an entrepreneur and business leader; he has been working in marketing services and the design industry for over twenty years. His businesses are currently based in the Czech Republic and Russia and operate across Europe. In his former company Cocoon, he worked with corporate clients such as Nestle, P&G, Molson Coors on packaging and product innovation projects. 

In 2015 Petr found MIWA, a technology company driven by a mission to prevent the creation of waste from single-use packaging. MIWA has developed a standardized reusable packaging with RFID for distribution of dry and liquid products in bulk; this packaging works in tandem with unique electronic dispensers that are placed in shops. Thanks to data-driven operational efficiency and focus on brand/product quality tracking and communication, the system enables so called packaging-free sales for large brand owners and retailers.

MIWA’s technology was awarded numerous innovation and social impact prizes and is used as “best practice” in materials published by the UN and EU. With the involvement of both global and local producers and retailers, pilot operations started in several countries in 2019. Further development of the technology includes solutions for consumer packaging and household management to reach a maximum convenience for shoppers.