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    The Food Matters Live community is embracing the latest advances in nutrition science, creating products and solutions that will support immune health, fight obesity, and facilitate active healthy lifestyles for consumers. Discover how brands and the wider nutrition community are promoting a healthy, sustainable future, and how you can join them. 

The future of health and nutrition – science, applications and trends at Food Matters Live in March will feature an investigation of the latest research and findings from the world of science that are helping drive new trends in health and nutrition.

Topics include: 

- Evidence based research on changes in smell and taste due to Covid-19.

- The future of nutrition: a diet personalised to your metabolism.

- Navigating personalised nutrition solutions for healthcare, and much more.

Discover the nutrition spotlights

Speakers include: 

Nutrition speakers

The retail trends live webcasts at Food Matters Live in March will through fast-paced retail trends discussions equip you with invaluable insights to stay one step ahead of consumer trends in 2021.

Topics include: 

- Where will the plant-based trends go in 2021?

- Will consumer interest in immune health keep on growing?

- What will be the next driving forces in the health and wellbeing category?

discover the reail trends live webcasts

Speakers include: 


Join nutrition brands and buyers at Food Matters Live in March 

The 2021 Future Brands competition shortlist features some of the most innovative challenger brands who are redifining functional food, from gut-health supporting granolas to sugar-free keto breakfasts, including: 

Nutrition brands Future Brands

Nutra buyers confirmed to attend Food Matters Live in March include: 

  • Future You Cambridge
  • Huel 
  • Natures Aid 
  • Nelson's
  • NU Skin
  • Slimfast
  • USN
  • Vitamex 

Job titles include: 

Head of New Product Development, Senior NPD Manager

Technical Director, Head of Global Innovation

Technical & Innovation Manager, NPD Manager


Celebrate the best of healthy innovation and nutrition 

In 2021, Food Matters Live offers a rolling programme of events that puts innovation at the forefront of nutrition and health. Coming up in June is the prestigious Food Matters Live Awards 2021, now open for entries that celebrates the best of healthy innovation and nutrition. Winners from 2020 featured gut health probiotic products for babies, healthy alcohol-free beverages and turmeric pastes. 


Professor Tim Spector's ground-breaking research into nutrition, our gut microbiome, and our individual response to food is forcing us to have new conversations about food and our health.  He joins us to speak about his new book Spoonfed, and how we need to rethink the way we approach nutrition.

A panel including Rabobank, TNO Healthy Living, The Naked Nutritionist and The Future Laboratory explain the importance of personalised nutrition and the many scientific breakthroughs that support this belief. What will need to happen for personal nutrition to truly become mainstream?

Gut health is one of the most exciting areas of scientific exploration, with new research revealing how much our health and wellbeing relies on our gut microbiome. In partnership with the Wellbeing Team at Kellogg's, we explore this incredbile impact of our microbiome on our health.


The Whey Forward Series: Immune Health Webinar

In this webinar brought to you by Volac, join academic and industry experts discussing the latest research and science which underpins how whey protein ingredients can have a positive impact upon immunity.

Dr Leigh Breen, Senior Lecturer in Exercise Physiology and Metabolism, Birmingham University will join Michael Hughes, Head of Research and Insight, FMCG Gurus and Dr Elisa Glover, nutrition specialist from ingredient experts Volac as they explore the impact of dairy/whey protein for immune health across the life course.


Nutritious sustainable

Masterclass: future-proofing nutritious, sustainable new product development 

24th March 2021 

In this fascinating Masterclass, join speakers from Dohler, PepsiCo Future Brands, Two Chicks, Planet Organic, Addo Food Group and many more as they debate and discuss the future of nutritious, sustainable product development. What are the barriers faced by NPD professionals when communicating why the sector is so rewarding and getting the right people into the right roles?

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