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28th Jun 2018

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Generation Z and millennial food choices: what influences them? Plus, make your perfect business match at Food Matters Live

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21st Jun 2018

New fund helps tackle the plastic problem

The UK Government has announced a new £20 million fund that aims to explore new ideas that can bring changes in the UK’s plastics manufacturing and consumption patterns. The Plastics and Research Innovation Fund will engage Britain’s best scientists and innovators to help move the country towards more circular economic and sustainable approaches to plastics.

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14th Jun 2018

Gauging gut bacteria with genome editing

Merck, a leader in genome editing, recently announced a collaboration with Washington University that could lead to the optimising of nutritional supplements to restore a healthy gut microbial community. The research aims to determine the differences between gut bacterial communities in healthy and malnourished children, and to identify what features of healthy intestinal bacteria are critical for supporting healthy growth.

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7th Jun 2018

Spicy BBQ snack wins gold at Ecotrophelia UK 2018

A team of students from the University of Nottingham has won the gold prize at Ecotrophelia UK with their spicy BBQ flavoured savoury snack. The ‘RICH Pickings’ team has developed ‘Pom Puffs’ – a tasty and nutritious snack made from extruded apple pomace, maize and packaged in a recyclable pouch. Each member of the gold-winning team took home a share of £2,000 and an invitation to become an IFST Young Ambassador.

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