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4th Apr 2019

Table Talk Ep 2: Keeping it clean

This episode focuses on the clean-label and plant-based food revolutions. We investigate what clean label means, how consumers want to see fewer and more recognisable ingredients on labels, and the rise of plant-based foods.

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1st Apr 2019

Adventurous consumers pushing new food trends

Consumer appetite for new and adventurous flavours are growing and set to become a key trend for 2019 according to a new market report. More and more people are embracing new discoveries, and turning to interesting new flavours, as they expand their range of choices.

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28th Mar 2019

This week in Table Talk...

Experts from Cancer Research UK, Health Action Campaign, Hello Healthy You, Waitrose and Warwick Business School explore the complexities of how behaviour impacts public health on our debut podcast. Plus, 50 foods for a better future.

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26th Mar 2019

Five must-reads from March

As we close out the month of March, we take a look at our most popular articles from this month’s Table Talk, in case you missed out.

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25th Mar 2019

The 50 foods we can eat to improve our health and environment

It’s an undeniable fact that the food we consume can have a great impact on our physical health and mental well-being. What’s also a fact is that by diversifying the types of food we eat we can lessen our environmental impact and help contribute to a better world for the future.

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21st Mar 2019

This week in Table Talk...

A look at the top ingredient trends for 2019. Food & Drink Wales return for Food Matters Live 2019. Plus, introducing our new Table Talk podcast

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