18 May 2021

Kellogg's, Mondelez, Innocent Drinks, Huel, Premier Foods are just some of the industry buyers and experts attending Food Matters Live this June in search of ingredients to satisfy an ever demanding consumer market and to stay at the forefront of ingredient innovation. 

NPD experts, buyers and distributors will be after the most exciting and innovative offerings on the market. We've asked them what ingredients and products they are looking for at Food Matters Live 2021.


60% Plant Based/Vegan 

There's no stopping the growing interest in plant-based and vegan ingredients and products. With consumers looking to reduce their impact on the environment, lead a cruelty-free lifestyle, and cut down on meat and dairy, vegan and plant-based ingredient solutions are the most popular trend in our research. 60% of buyers attending Food Matters Live this June said that they were looking for solutions in the meat-free category.


55% Clean Label

Another trend that continues to grow, 55% of our surveyed audience said they were looking for clean label solutions. With consumers demanding recognisable ingredients in the food they purchase, clean label has become an important consideration for forward-thinking brands.

40%-50% Functional Foods

These days many consumers are looking for food and ingredients that offer health benefits beyond the standard nutritional value and gut health has become a popular and ever growing market. The interest in functional foods features prominently among the responses we received from our buyers, NPD and innovation community. 50% said they were looking for solutions offering vitamins and minerals, 40%  for protein solutions, 45% for prebiotics or probiotics for gut health and 40% for functional botanicals.

45% Free-From

Free-From has been very popular in the last decade with demands from consumer increasing exponentially. However making allergen-free products is still a challenging task, that's why 45% of our survey responders said they were looking for Free-From solutions to appeal to this growing retail market.

40% Organic 

Organic food is still in high demand and 40% of our NPD experts and buyers are seeking the best on the market.


40% Flavours and colours

40% of buyers will be looking for flavours and colours to enhance their market offerings.


35% Texture/Fibre

Texture and fibre are still popular with 35% of buyers and experts looking for new innovative ingredients for their products.

35% Herbs and Spices

Consumers might not have been able to travel, but their interest in experimenting with herbs and spices and bringing a piece of the world into their kitchen has nothing but grown and 35% of buyers are looking for exciting herbs and spices for their food and drink products. 

35% New Experiences/Novel Ingredients

Consumer tastes are developing, and finding new experiences and flavours is a focus for brands who are looking to appeal to these adventurous shoppers. 35% of the professionals we surveyed said they were interested in discovering novel ingredients that they could use in their products and NPD.


30% Sugar and Salt Reduction 

Consumers are becoming very health-conscious and the demand for low salt and sugar has increased.  30% of those surveyed are looking for solutions that can help reduce sugar and salt in their products to meet market demands.


25% Nuts, Seeds, Grain and Pulses

Thanks to their health benefits, nuts, seeds, grain and pulses are very popular products. 25% of buyers are looking for these  at Food Matters Live this June. 


20% Fruit and vegetable blends

Used to enhance food and drink products and in nutritional powders, fruit and vegetable blends are popular ingredients, with a fourth of buyers, distributors and NPD experts looking for exciting new ingredients to meet consumer trends.


25% Marine and aquaculture

In the last few years marine and aquaculture ingredients have become increasingly popular thanks to their health benefits and versatility. Several NPD experts will be looking for marine and aquaculture products that really stand out this June.


25% Starches

Starches are an important source of energy and found in a vast variety of food products. A quarter of buyers will be looking for new starchy ingredients on the market. 


20% Fats, oils and lipids

20% of buyers and NPD experts will be looking for innovative fats, oils and lipids to use in their products.


20% Collagen peptides

Beneficial to hair, skin and nails as well bone and ligament health, collagen peptides have become popular in sport nutritional powders, supplements and gelatines. 20% of our buyers will be looking for this at Food Matters Live.


15% Enzymes

As demands for health-supporting products grow, so does interest in enzymes from buyers. Enzymes help with digestion, muscle building, and breaking down food particles and 15% of industry experts will be looking for these ingredient solutions.


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