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14 Jun 2019

TrooFoods, makers of pre-biotic fibre rich cereals and syrups have partnered with Carbiotix, a leader in affordable gut health testing, to offer the first gut health tracking service for fibre-based food products.

All TrooFoods customers will be invited to track their gut health using Carbiotix testing kits, which can be purchased via the TrooFoods website in either a one-off or monthly format.

“Carbiotix has demonstrated that it is a leading innovator in the gut health space by offering both affordable gut health testing services and developing novel therapeutic solutions. As companies, we are very much aligned regarding the gut health area and understand that for most people poor gut health develops over time, therefore time is needed to improve gut health. Moreover, that poor gut health is primarily a result of too little soluble fibre in people’s diets. Finding innovative ways to get people to consume more fibre is one core mission of both companies. With TrooFoods this is through innovative fibre rich F&B products and for Carbiotix this is with unique therapeutic solutions that allow all people to benefit from consuming soluble fibre”, says Mike Rogers, CEO of TrooFoods.

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