01 Mar 2019

Children and low-income households suffer the severest health consequences

The Food Foundation’s new report The Broken Plate identifies ten signs that show the UK’s food system has led the country into a national health crisis, with children and households on low incomes suffering the severest health consequences.

Ten fatally-flawed cogs in the system that puts food on UK tables are working to damage our mental and physical health. The damage inflicted on public health by the UK food system, and the barriers to accessing affordable, healthy food, are evident:

  • 20% of 11-year-olds are obese
  • 3.1 million people are registered with diabetes
  • 16% of adults report skipping meals because they don’t have enough money
  • nearly four million children are living in households for whom a healthy diet is unaffordable

In the fifth biggest economy in the world, the poorest 10% of UK households would have to spend three quarters of their disposable income on food in order to afford a healthy diet as defined by the Government.

In other words, the UK food system is broken, and the prognosis for children born in 2019 is not good:

The Broken Plate makes recommendations for how to reshape the food system so that healthy diets are accessible, affordable, appealing and convenient for all. 

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