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27 Feb 2020

Starbucks announced yesterday that it would add a plant-based meat Beyond Meat sandwich to the menu in Canada from early March.

The global chain is introducing more plant-based items as part of its sustainability commitments, and plans to roll out the new sandwich in Canada and the US initially.

Starbucks North American rival Dunkin Brands had introduced a Beyond Sausage sandwich to its menu in November and has hailed the launch as a great success. Their initial results have shown that the launch has led to higher revenues, with Beyond Sausage customers spending upwards of $9 per order compared to a traditional average spend of $5.

In a further boost to the plant-based sector, Walt Disney Company announced on Tuesday that the Impossible Foods burger has been chosen as the official preferred plant-based burger for the company's theme parks, cruises and resorts. New Impossible meat items are scheduled to debut across their properties in the coming months.