23 May 2019

Market insight report predicts the sector will grow to $64.8bn by 2025

A market research report predicts that the global sports nutrition market will be worth $64.8 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 8.6% over the next seven years. Increasing health consciousness, rising disposable incomve and an increase in health and fitness centres are set to fuel the demand.

Nutrition plays a key role supporting the demands of competition in any sport, and sports nutrition products can include energy bars and drinks, protein bars, vitamins, minerals, supplements and more.

Among sports nutrition products, the drinks segment dominated the global market in 2018, and this area is expected to see healthy CAGR over the period leading up to 2025.

New consumers driving growth

Although the primary market for sports nutrition foods and drinks are athletes, a new group of health-conscious general consumers will be helping push growth in the sector. This new consumer group includes older men and women looking to improve their overall health as well as body weight and fitness concerned individuals.

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