10 May 2019

Food and drink manufacturers in Spain are very aware that UK consumers are among the most forward-thinking in Europe, especially when it comes to adopting new food trends. Janine Gilson, Assistant Director, Foods and Wines From Spain, talks about the opportunities that the UK market presents for Spanish food producers.

What are the key areas for potential?

Functional foods, plant-extracted proteins, nutraceutical research, and innovative ingredients including maca powder and quinoa are all areas that the Spanish market is focusing on. The variety of micro-climates in Spain make growing and producing a wide variety of ingredients and foods simple, and Spain now has more land dedicated to organic algriculture than anywhere else in Europe, which make it a particularly attractive proposition to consumers who are concerned about the origin of the products they buy. 

Indeed, Spanish companies can particularly benefit from explaining where the products they are making come from. The story of the origin of the products and their producers is a key advantage for any size business in the region, Janine argues. More consumers want to know the origins of what they eat, and how they are sustainably produced, and this is a particular selling-point where the UK market is concerned.

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