26 May 2021

These days innovations in the meat processing industry often happen in e-number additive replacements and plant protein uses. Rarely a new innovation takes places which changes the way we look at using animal proteins. Up to now that is!

Sonac (a Darling Ingredients brand) has developed a new protein fibre made from 100% pork or 100% beef proteins, called QExtend PF12. By reinventing the way we look at proteins, Sonac succeeded in producing a fibre like structure which is capable of being an alternative for a part of the meat proteins without making concessions on eating quality and texture, but with improving the nutritional value of the meat product as it is free of fat. By example, this QExtend PF12 protein fibre can replace 11% of the fatty beef trimmings (70/30) in a hamburger without any issue.

This was also proven during the ANUGA ’19, where random visitors weren’t able to tell the difference between a reference and a hamburger with QExtend PF12 (see fig. 1 & 2).



With this innovation, meat processors get the chance to optimise their recipes but still stay true to their meat concept using a natural animal protein.

QExtend PF12 is a product which comes in frozen blocks and has a protein content of roughly 13%. Because of its frozen form and characteristics, QExtend PF12 is very easy to use and can be a one-to-one addition to meat. No rehydration or difficult calculation formulas are required for using this product.
Sonac’s QExtend PF12 is produced in the Netherlands and available in the United Kingdom.

Contact Maurice van Empel (+31 6 226 706 24, mauricevanempel@sonac.biz ) for more information and samples.


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