18 Apr 2019

A new study conducted by Boston College and the University of Texas at Austin suggests that marketing a foods 'sound' can make it more enjoyable to eat

The research focused primarily on how promoting a products ‘crunchy’ texture could make it more desirable to eat and increase the enjoyment factor. Making the 'crunch' the food makes salient for the consumer will impact their interest and actually could lead to them consuming more of the food, simply by adding the nature of the sound the food makes to the packaging.

Sound a bit far-fetched (pun intended)? In the three studies the researchers conducted they proved that the salience of the food's sound increased consumption as it enhances our experience of the sound the food makes when you eat it. In essence, if someone tells you that you will experience a 'crunch' sound your senses will be heightened to the sound when you're eating. So it does appear that marketing the food’s sound can alter how it is received and consumed.

One caveat, the subjects of the studies were potato crisps and sweets, enjoyable foods that are often over-consumed. However it is an interesting look at the psychological impact of food marketing, that could be used for more healthy food options as well.

Study co-author Nailya Ordabayeva, assistant professor of marketing at Boston College explained to Men's Health, "People often associate the crunchiness of foods with positive food characteristics such as food freshness. This greater enjoyment of food resulting from the salience of the food’s sound leads to greater consumption."

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