08 Aug 2019

Marks & Spencer Simply Food offers customers a 25p discount if they bring their own food container to their Market Place counter

In an effort to reduce single-use plastic, M&S is offering customers who purchase food-to-go at their Market Place counters a 25p discount if they bring their own reusable container for their food.

The scheme will be available from the retail giants Market Place counters, which serve hot and cold food-on-the-go options. M&S hopes this approach will help encourage a change in consumer behaviour, as large brands and retailers aim to reduce our impact on the environment.

M&S director of food technology Paul Willgoss said: "Our priority is to reduce single-use packaging and ensure any we do use can be reused or recycled, as we work towards our 2022 target for all our packaging to be widely recyclable. Food-to-go is a growing market; so finding solutions in this space is an important part of our wider plan."