03 Apr 2019

Healthier eating report points to growing consumer demand for plant-based choices

Consumers looking for healthy and nutritious meals are going to be the norm as we head further into 2019, according to a new market insight report. These same consumers are keen to consume more vegetables in the year ahead, with many saying they are contemplating ditching meat altogether for a plant-based or vegetarian diet.

The findings in the MCA & HIM Healthier Eating Report 2019 emphasise the need for retailers to continue offering healthy-options for consumers, two-fifths of whom state that eating healthily is a high priority for them.

Plant-based at the forefront

Half of consumers included in the report want to eat more vegetables in the next 12 months, and interestingly 10% say they aim to switch to a vegetarian diet with 6% wanting to eat purely plant-based within the year.

This suggests that consumer demand for plant-based products will continue to be strong for the rest of 2019, as more switch to flexitarian diets in the short term while considerably reducing their consumption of meat.

To see the full report, visit MCA Insight here