17 May 2019

A picture of Denmark

Denmark wants to take the lead in reducing the environmental impact of food production by stepping up investment in food and ingredients research and development.

The Ministry of the Environment and Food (MVFM) will inject DKK 25 million into initiatives designed to support Denmark’s ingredient exporters and attract foreign investment. As part of this the MVFM wants the focus to be on research into more sustainable ingredients that can be used to make healthier foods.

"The Danish ingredients companies can help solve food-related challenges, which are both about health and environmental impact. The industry is already researching sustainable solutions, which can lead to production with lower CO2 emissions, for example. We would like to support this development in the government, and therefore we now allocate DKK 25 million, which follows up on the recommendations I received in January," says environment and food minister Jakob Ellemann-Jensen.

"With the government strategy, we support the export potential of Danish ingredients companies, so that Denmark can, to an even greater extent, contribute to supporting sustainable food and food production globally. I am especially pleased that with the strategy we are also launching a strengthened marketing and investment promotion effort towards foreign companies, so that they can see the good investment opportunities that are in Denmark," says Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen.

Among many other initiatives, the money from the government investment will help establish and ingredients team within the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. This will provide ingredients companies with a ‘one-stop shop’ to help them find solutions to any challenges they face while trying to introduce new innovative ingredients.

To see the full announcement, please click here (in Danish)