10 Oct 2019

by Stephane Vouche, Marketing Manager, Consumer Health & Nutrition, Lonza

The clean-label movement continues to evolve as it gathers pace within the dietary supplements space. This has seen more consumer relevant attributes such as natural, organic, free-from and vegetarian move from the niche to the mainstream, as they become increasingly important purchasing drivers.

Innovations in both ingredients and delivery systems continue to support brand owners in developing trend-led, label-friendly supplement products. Plant-based dosage forms, such as Lonza’s Capsugel® Vcaps® Plus vegetarian capsules, are clean-label by design and can be used to facilitate a variety of on-pack label claims.

In an increasingly competitive market, there is constant pressure to ensure products stand out and appeal to consumers. Supplement brands are increasingly looking to add colour to capsules shells to achieve visual appeal and create a distinctive brand identity, as well as provide masking properties. Until recently, however, this required the use of an E-number.

To enhance the clean-label experience for brands and consumers alike, Lonza recently launched a range of food coloured capsules. The first of the next generation clean-label solutions to be marketed worldwide is the Vcaps® Plus Purple Carrot capsule. The vegetarian Vcaps® Plus capsules can now also be tinted with Blue Spirulina, Spicy Yellow and Red Radish colours to help brands stand out and meet the latest consumer preferences.

These latest extensions to the Capsugel® portfolio are testament to the potential of colouring foodstuffs. Made from fruits, vegetables and edible plants, colouring foodstuffs perfectly support a clean-label strategy and create the opportunity for supplement producers to tell a positive story about how a product is made.

With the launch of its first line of clean-label capsule colourants, Lonza continues to lead the industry with its dosage form capabilities. These solutions help brand owners to create visually appealing supplements that also resonate with today’s values-driven consumers.

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