03 Jun 2019

The success of the Beyond Burger proves the food industry should take note of consumer desire for convenience, taste, and importantly health

With recent studies showing that ultra-processed foods are linked to obesity, higher rates of disease and earlier death, what road can food manufacturers take to meet consumer demand for taste, convenience and crucially health as shoppers look to cut back on foods high in sugar, salt and fat? Hank Cardello, author of Stuffed: An Insider's Look At Who's (Really) Making America Fat argues in Forbes that the success of the Beyond Burger should be used as the template for future R&D.

In his opinion piece Hank Cardello suggests that studies such as the above are a shot across the bow of the food industry. Big players should look at the upstart companies such as Beyond Meat and Caulipower who are among the main innovators in the convenience better-for-you marketplace. Rather than rehash old products that are out-of-date in the current world they should focus their efforts on spending money on R&D for new products that reflect the need for consumers to improve their health and wellbeing, while being tasty and affordable.

"Emerging companies like Beyond Meat are showing how innovation is meeting consumer demand for better-for-you products. For packaged foods companies to remain relevant, they must re-think the whole idea of what packaged foods should be and re-define what benefits processing foods should be bringing to meet the needs of today’s consumer."

"Processed foods must become the means by which to deliver today’s food mandate: healthier, tasty, convenient food. Companies must re-invent their product lines by upping their R&D spending and demonstrating the same capabilities as a nascent industry did a century ago. They just need the will to do it."

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