10 Feb 2016

Congratulations to all of the shortlisted companies...

The Innovation Award – Sponsored by Food Matters Live

1 Better Than Pasta Arrabbiata Sauce

2 Bfree Stone Baked Pitta Breads

3 Gozo Deli Basil Pesto Casheese

4 Mighty Bee Organic Vegan Coconut Jerky – Teriyaki Flavour

5 Kirsty’s Malaysian Butternut Squash Curry With Brown Basmati Rice

6 Mash Direct Caulifower Cheese Gratin

7 Origin Earth Gluten Free Crackers

8 Perfect World Caramel Pecan Ice Cream

9 Perfect World Taste of Carrot Cake Ice Cream

10 Protein Pow All Purpose Pea Protein Cooking Mix

11 Sacla’ Free From Creamy Whole Cherry Tomato Pasta Sauce

12 Sweet Rebellion Dairy Free Chocolate Frozen Dessert

13 The Pastry Room Gluten Free Pie Pastry

14 The Pastry Room Gluten Free Scone Mix

15 Udi’s In Store Bakery Tiger Bloomer


Start Ups and Small Producers – Sponsored by Tesco

1 Borough 22 Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts

2 CocoNuts Raw Chocolate Nice Cream

3 Decadently Pure Sniickerz Bites

4 Nutural World Hazelnut & Carob Spread

5 Origin Earth Gluten Free Crackers with Caraway

6 Rana’s Artisan Bread Nearly Rye – GF Artisan Bread Mix

7 Simply 7 Lentil Crisps Sea Salt Flavoured

8 Smart Eats & Treats Seeded Loaf

9 The Teff Test Kitchen Seed & Sage Flaxseed, Chia, & Sunflower Seed Crackers

10 The Teff Test Kitchen Banana & Flaxseed Power Slice

11 The White Rabbit Pizza Co Capricciosa Pizza


1. Breakfast foods – Sponsored by Asda

1 Bfree Multiseed Bagel

2 Bonsoy Soya Milk

3 Delicious Alchemy Purely Oaty Fruity Muesli

4 Fria Chia Seed Roll

5 Goodness Grains Gluten Free Apple & Cinnamon Danish Pastry

6 Good Hemp Original (Milk Alternative)

7 Nutribix

8 Nutural World Hazelnut & Carob Spread

9 Rollagranola Caveman Dream Granola

10 Rollagranola Healthy Hazelnut Granola

11 Rollagranola Spiced Pecan Tonic Granola

12 Rude Health Almond Drink – Dairy Alternative Drink

13 Rude Health Ultimate Almond – Dairy Alternative Drink

14 Rude Health Sprouted Porridge Oats

15 Tesco Free From Fruity Strawberry Soya Fromage Frais Alternative

16 Tesco Free From 6 Instant Porridge Sachets

17 The Coconut Collaborative Coconut Milk Blueberry Yoghurt


2. Breads – Sponsored by Udi's

1 Bfree Brown Seeded Loaf

2 Bfree Soft White Rolls

3 Bfree Brown Seeded Rolls

4 Bfree Multigrain Wraps

5 Bfree Quinoa and Chia Seed Wrap with Teff and Flax Seeds

6 Bfree Brown Seeded Sandwich Loaf

7 Dr Schar Wholesome Seeded Loaf

8 Dr Schar Panini Rolls

9 Incredible Bakery Company Mini Red Quinoa Loaf

10 Smart Eats and Treats Seeded Loaf

11 Tesco Free From Brown Seeded Rolls

12 Tesco Free From Tiger Rolls

13 Tesco Free From Garlic Baguette 

14 Twice As Nice Bakery Pink Peppercorn Sourdough


3. Store cupboard – Sponsored by Genius Gluten Free

1 Bute Island Foods Creamy Scheese Spring Onion & Cracked Black Pepper

2 Coconom Coconut Aminos

3 Conserve Della Nonna Green Pesto

4 Delicious Alchemy Gluten & Dairy Free Vanilla Sponge Mix

5 Doves Farm Gluten Free Organic Brown Rice Flour

6 Gordon Rhodes Slow Comfortable Stew Gourmet Mix

7 Granovita Organic Pumpkin Oil

8 Granovita Organic Hemp Oil

9 Hale & Hearty 4 Grain Pancake Mix

10 Hale & Hearty Organic Multi-Seed Bread Mix

11 Make It Gluten Free Simple Mills Pizza Dough Mix

12 Make It Gluten Free Simple Mills Chocolate Muffin & Cake Mix

13 Miso Tasty Classic Shiro Miso Soup

14 Nutural World Almond & Coconut Spread

15 Origin Earth Gluten Free Crackers with Caraway

16 Providence Deli Dairy Free Basil Pesto

17 Quinola Mothergrain Quinoa Flour

18 Quinola Mothergrain Express Pearl & Black

19 Rana’s Artisan Bread Nearly Rye – GF Artisan Bread Mix

20 Rude Health Sprouted Buckwheat Flour

21 Sacla'  FreeFrom Basil Pesto & Tomato Stir-In

22 Sinclair Condiments Hot Banana Ketchup

23 Sinclair Condiments Roasted Red Pepper Ketchup

24 Stoffells No Added Sugars Tomato Ketchup

25 Sukrin Chia & Hemp Mix

26 Sweet Freedom Choc Shot Orange Spice

27 Sweet Freedom Choc Shot

28 Sweetpea Pantry Grainy Brainy Pancakes

29 Taste of Goodness Sauces Barbecue Sauce

30 Tesco Free From Salad Cream

31 Tesco Free From 8 Light & Crispy Yorkshire Puddings

32 The Foraging Fox HOT Beetroot Ketchup 

33 Tilda Brown Basmati Rice & Quinoa

34 Tilda Coconut Basmati Rice

35 Waitrose Love Life Quick Cook Corn, Bulgar & Red Quinoa


4. Pasta and Pizza – Sponsored by Gluten Free Cuppa Tea

1 Dr Schar Pizza Margherita Lactose Free

2 Explore Asian Organic Soybean Spaghetti

3 Farabella Gluten Free Fresh (stabilised) Pasta Strozzapreti

4 Hale & Hearty Organic Corn & Rice Rigatoni

5 Rizopia Organic Brown Rice Pasta Fusilli 

6 Rizopia Organic Brown Rice Pasta Spaghetti

7 Rizopia Organic Brown Rice Pasta Lasagne

8 The White Rabbit Pizza Co – Capricciosa Pizza


5. Raw Foods – Sponsored by Genon Laboratories

1 CHOC Chick Organic Raw Cacao Powder

2 Coconut Merchant Coconut Oil

3 Decadently Pure Sniickerz Bites 

4 Good Hemp Good Oil (Culinary Oil) 

5 inSpiral Tomato & Basil Kale-os

6 Iswari Buddha’s Awakening Maca & Vanilla

7 Rollagranola Hot Raspberry


6. Superfoods – Sponsored by Tiana Fair Trade Organics

1 CHOC Chick Organic Raw Cacao Powder

2 Good Hemp Pure Protein Supplement

3 Gourmet Spirulina Raw Spirulina Nibs

4 Granovita Organic Beetroot Juice

5 Linwoods Milled Flax, Chia Seed, Apple & Cinnamon

6 Marvellous Superfood Radiant Health Breakfast Topper

7 Mrs B’s Homemade Kombucha

8 Squeeze Wheatgrass Wheatgrass with Beetroot Juice


7. ‘Food to go’ – Sponsored by Tesco

1 Chika’s Plantain Crisps Chilli

2 Chika’s Plantain Crisps Salted

3 Chika’s Gluten Free ChickPea Crisps Lightly Spiced

4 Coco Indulgence Lime & Ginger

5 Coco Indulgence Mango & Banana

6 Coco Indulgence Passionfruit & Pineapple

7 Doisy & Dam Coconut & Lucuma Dark Chocolate 40g Bar

8 Doves Farm GF Chocolate Chip Cookies, Organic & Fairtrade

9 Doves Farm GF Organic Chocolate Chip Flapjack

10 Goodness Me Foods Chocolate Brownie

11 Hotch Potch Chorizo & Sundried Tomato Whoppa (GF Scotch Egg)

12 ilumi Singapore Style Rice Noodle Snack Pot

13 inSpiral Coconut Pecks: Raspberry

14 Oast to Host Leek & Onion Quongo (Quiche on the Go)

15 Ramona’s Kitchen Original Houmous

16 Simply 7 Hummus Crisps Roasted Red Pepper Flavoured

17 Simply 7 Lentil Crisps Sea Salt Flavoured

18 Sin GF Fruit Cake

19 Sin GF Chocolate Orange Brownie

20 Voakes Free From Sausage Roll

21 Waitrose Chargrilled Chicken, Tomato, Mayonnaise, Slow Roasted Tomatoes, Pesto & Rocket in a Gluten Free Wrap


8. Down the Pub and the Bar – Sponsored by FDIN

Gluten-free beers:

1 CELIA Dark Czech Lager

2 Daas Ambre

3 Daura Damm Pilsner/Lager

4 Daura Marzen

5 Fentimans Gluten Free Alcoholic Ginger Beer

6 Hepworth Brewery Iron Horse Premium Pale Ale

7 Monty's Brewery Masquerade

8 St Peter’s Brewery G-Free  

9 Stringer’s Beer Outlook Amber


Savoury snacks:

1 Dr Schar Cream Crackers

2 Kent & Fraser Cherry, Pecan & Poppy Seed Toast

3 Mrs B’s Homemade Sunflower & Linseed Savoury Biscuits

4 Mrs Crimble’s Cheese Straws

5 Origin Earth Gluten Free Crackers with Sesame

6 Organico Realfoods Luke’s Organic Kale, Multigrain & Seed Chips

7 Ten Acre’s Pastrami In The Rye Hand Cooked Crisps

8 Tesco Free From Onion Rings

9 Tesco Free From Potato Skins

10 The Teff Test Kitchen Seed & Sage – Flaxseed, Chia, & Sunflower Seed Crackers

11 Udi’s Peri Peri BBQ Flavour Tortilla Chips


9. Meaty and Fishy Ready Meals – Sponsored by Mrs Crimbles

1 Better Than Rice Chicken Massaman Curry

2 Debbie & Andrew's Perfect Pork Sausages

3 Hotch Potch Bacon, Leek & Cheesy Pie

4 ilumi Slow Cooked Beef Casserole

5 JCS BigFish Brand Salmon Fillets Marinated in Garden Mint

6 Kirsty's Slow Cooked Beef with Celeriac Mash

7 Oh So Lean Low Fat Mexican Turkey Burgers

8 Oh So Lean Low Fat Maple Steak Burgers

9 Rule of Crumb Breaded Cod Fish Fillets

10 Tesco Free From Breaded Scampi

11 The Black Farmer Premium Pork Chipolatas

12 The Black Farmer Premium Pork Sausages

13 The Little Gluten Free Pasty Pie Chicken, Leek & Sweetcorn Pie

14 Yorkshire Provender Roast Chicken Soup with Traditional Vegetables


10. Veggie Ready Meals Sponsored by Goodness Direct

1 Bannisters' Farm Fully Loaded Jacket with Broccoli & Cauliflower Cheese

2 Eat Water Slim Pasta Mediterranea

3 Georgia’s Choice Mexican Bean Bake

4 GLORIOUS! Soups Mumbai Lentil & Chickpea

5 Kirsty’s Malaysian Butternut Squash Curry with Brown Basmati Rice

6 Mr Crumb Sage & Onion Stuffing Mix

7 Tideford Organics Sweet Potato and Quinoa Soup

8 Twins Gluten Free Asparagus and Stilton Quiche

9 Voakes Free From Sweet Roasted Root Vegetable Pie

10Yorkshire Provender Pea & Spinach Soup with Fresh Mint


11. Foods suitable for nut and peanut allergics - Sponsored by Wellaby's

1 BFree Soft White Rolls

2 BFree Multiseed Bagels

3 BFree Stone Baked Pitta Breads

4 Coconom Coconut Aminos

5 CocoNuts Raw Chocolate Nice Cream

6 Conserve Della Nonna Green Pesto

7 D&D Chocolates Dairy Free Chocolate Drops

8 Organico Realfoods Luke’s Organic Kale, Multigrain & Seed Chips

9 Quinola Mothergrain Express Pearl and Black

10 Rana’s Artisan Bread Nearly Rye – gluten free artisan bread mix

11 Rizopia Organic Brown Rice Pasta Spaghetti

12 Smart Eats & Treats Seeded Loaf

13 Sweet Rebellion Dairy Free Chocolate Frozen Dessert

14 Truly Chocolates Lego Chocolates


12. Foods designed for children - Sponsored by Delamere Dairy

1 Casa de Bolitas Cheddar Bolitas

2 Cocoa Libre Dairy Free Dark Mint Solid Chocolate Penguins

3 Eskal Gluten Free Children’s Pasta Sauce

4 Georgia’s Choice Chicken Grills  

5 Georgia’s Choice Chicken Bites

6 Hale & Hearty Honey Bee Cereal

7 Kirsty’s Kids’ Kitchen Sausage Casserole with Root Vegetables

8 Moo Free Bunnycomb Easter Egg

9 Nothing But Freeze Dried Strawberry & Banana Snack

10 Perfect World Caramel Pecan Ice Cream

11 Perfect World Taste of Carrot Cake Ice Cream

12 Quinola Mothergrain Kids Thai

13 Rizopia Organic Brown Rice Pasta Fantasia

14 Rule of Crumb Chicken Goujons

15 Rule of Crumb Cod Fish Fingers

16 Tesco Free From 9 Garlic Doughballs 

17 Tesco Free From Southern Fried Mini Chicken Fillets

18 Tesco Free From Carl the Caterpillar

19 The Culinary Cauldron JUICE Orange, Carrot & Lemon Ice Lolly

20 Tilda Kids Sunshine Vegetable Rice

21 Udi’s Cheese Puffs

22 Udi’s Milk Chocolate Caramel Clusters 

23 Udi’s Milk Chocolate Raisin Clusters 


13. Tea Time! – Sponsored by Integrated Food Projects Ltd

1 Auchtermuchty Cake Company Creole Fruit Cake

2 Borough 22 Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts

3 Mummy Bakes Fiery Gingers

4 Mummy Bakes Awesome Almond Biscotti

5 Mummy Bakes Ginger Zingers Biscotti

6 Nairn’s Gluten Free Biscuit Breaks – Oats & Stem Ginger    

7 Peace of Cake London Viennese Shortbread

8 Peace of Cake London Mince Pies

9 Pulsetta Lemon Oat Thins

10 Tesco finest* Free From Carrot Cake

11 Tesco Free From Choc Chip Cookies

12 The Local Bakehouse Lemon Zest Cake

13 The Teff Test Kitchen – Banana & Flaxseed Power Slice

14 Twice As Nice Bakery Hello Sunshine

15 Twice As Nice Bakery Chocolate Stout Cake


14. Desserts and Puddings  - Sponsored by Romer Labs UK

1 Antonio Russo Vanillato

2 CocoNuts Raw Chocolate Nice Cream

3 CocoNuts Sumptuous Strawberry Nice Cream

4 Go Get Birmingham Morello Cherry Streusel

5 Hale & Hearty Traditional Christmas Pudding

6 Jollyum Double Chocolate Dairy Free Ice Cream

7 Tesco Free From Strawberry & Vanilla Cones

8 Tesco Free From Cream Filled Profiteroles

9 The Coconut Collaborative Little Choc Pots Chocolate Ganache


15. Confectionery and Chocolate – Sponsored by Free From Market

1 Booja Booja Hazelnut Chocolate Truffles

2 Cocoa Libre 3 Mini Slab Bars 

3 D&D Chocolates Dairy-Free Chocolate Drops

4 Eat Allergy Safe 8 Handcrafted Vegan Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Truffles

5 Eskal Gluten Free Wafer Rolls

6 Moo Free Caramelised Hazelnut Nibs Bar

7 Solkiki Tahitian Nougat / White Chocolate

8 Solkiki Balinese Coconut / White Chocolate

9 Winning Ways Dairy Free Chocovered Raisins


16. Bars – cereal, fruit, superfood, grain-free etc -  Sponsored by Holland & Barrett

1 Dr Schar Chocolix

2 Get Fruity Moist Mixed Berry

3 Get Fruity Scrumptious Strawberry

4 Kind Snacks Caramel Almond & Sea Salt

5 Kind Snacks Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt

6 Liberty Cakes Peanut Punch

7 Mrs Crimble’s Gluten Free and Good For Me Sultana and Apricot Cereal Bar

8 Roo’Bar Chia Coconut Raw Bar

9 Wild Thing Organic Paleo Raw Bar – Coconut & Chia

For more information:

Contact michelle@foodsmatter.com – 020 7722 2866 or visit FreeFromFoodAwards.co.uk