08 Feb 2017

FreeFrom Food Awards 2017 Shortlist

(Listed alphabetically)

FreeFrom Superhero Award  - Sponsored by Lucy Bee

A one-off award to celebrate the FreeFrom Food Awards' 10th birthday. To be given to the person that has done most to develop, expand and popularise freefrom over the last 10 years.

1. Adrian Ling – Plamil Foods

2. Angela Mumby – Mrs Crimbles

3. Chris Hook – Newburn Bakehouse

4. Clare Marriage – Doves Farm

5. Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne – Genius Gluten Free


The Innovation Award – Sponsored by Food Matters Live

  1. Adonis Smart Foods Greenie
  2. BFree Sweet Potato Wraps
  3. Booja Booja Caramel Pecan Praline Dairy Free Ice Cream
  4. Clonakilty Mini Black & White Puddings
  5. Evexia Thrive Spinach and Ricotta Tortelloni
  6. Fori Piri Piri Chicken Bar
  7. Free From Fairy Plain Flour
  8. Good Carma Foods Flavour Fusion Original
  9. London Falafel Beetroot Falafel
  10. Macsween Gluten Free Haggis, Original Recipe
  11. Mash Direct Sweet Potato Croquettes
  12. MiiRO SalteD CarameL
  13. Nutristrength Goat & Sheep Protein
  14. Oomi Protein Noodles
  15. PACK’D Frozen Smoothie Kit: Energy
  16. Perfect World Caramel Pecan Ice Cream
  17. Ramayas Bakery Belgian Chocolate Cookie Mix


No top 14 – Sponsored by Ilumi

  1. BFree Stone Baked Pitta Bread
  2. BFree Stone Sweet Potato Wraps
  3. Bonnie Yau's Thai Style Satay Sauce
  4. Chaucer Foods Nothing But Beetroot & Parsnip
  5. Chaucer Foods Nothing But Pineapple & Grape
  6. Christine's Gingerbread Biscuits
  7. Debbie & Andrews Clean&Lean High Protein Pork Sausages
  8. Doves Farm Apricot & Chia Seed Flapjacks
  9. Essy & Bella Peppermint & Cacao Nib Alternative to Milk Chocolate
  10. Evexia Thrive Chickpea Fusilli
  11. Free From Italy Conserve Della Nonna Green Pesto
  12. Koko Dairy Free Original Plain Alternative to Yogurt
  13. London Falafel Moroccan Falafel
  14. Pure Punjabi Masoor di Dhal
  15. Rana's Artisan Bakery Bold Buckwheat Sourdough Bread Mix
  16. Rana's Artisan Bakery New Italian Sourdough Bread Mix
  17. Rawchokladfabriken Raw Chocolate Original 73%
  18. Rawchokladfabriken Raw Chocolate Icelandic Sea Salt
  19. Sweet Freedom CHOC POT Chocolate Spread
  20. Tesco FreeFrom Garlic Baguette
  21. The Foraging Fox Smoked Beetroot Ketchup
  22. Tideford Supergreens Seaweed, Spirulina + Quinoa Soup
  23. Vegus Broccoli Sprout Juice
  24. Voakes Free From 'Top 14 Free' Traditional Pork Pie
  25. Wiltshire Farm Foods Apetito Free From Sweet & Sour Chicken

Start Ups and Small Producers – Sponsored by Tesco

  1.  Bellfield Brewery Bohemian Pilsner (Gluten free)
  2. Borough 22 Raspberry Glazed Doughnuts
  3. Cannatella & Colletti Peperone Italiano Con Olive
  4. Essy & Bella Peppermint & Cacao Nib Alternative to Milk Chocolate
  5. Functional Foods Nono Permissible Indulgent
  6. Go Bites® Refuel – Apricot and Seeds Energy Balls
  7. Grain & Bowl Cardomom Spice Granola
  8. Grain & Bowl Maple'n'Pecan Granola
  9. In the Nood Make Your Own Energy Balls – Orange & Cacao
  10. Lillypuds Gluten Free Christmas Pudding
  11. London Falafel Authentic Spicy
  12. MannaVida Garlic & Rosemary Gluten Free Easy Bake Bread Kit
  13. Manilife Nut Butter
  14. Marulin English Beauty
  15. MiiRO SalteD CarameL
  16. Most Marvellous Baking Munchable Multiseed Crackers with Cracked Black Pepper and Sea Salt Flakes
  17. PACK'D Frozen Smoothie Kit: Energy
  18. Quinoa Italia "Q" 100% Quinoa Beer
  19. Ramayas Bakery Belgian Chocolate Cookie Mix
  20. Rana's Artisan Bakery Bold Buckwheat Sourdough Bread Mix
  21. Rana's Artisan Bakery Bold Buckwheat Sourdough FreeFrom Loaf
  22. Rana's Artisan Bakery New Italian Sourdough Bread Mix
  23. Sinclair Condiments Hot Banana Ketchup
  24. Slightly Different Foods Sweet Quebec Sausages
  25. Susannah's Scrumptious Savoury Sauce
  26. The Conscientious Cook Cashew Butter Blondies with Ginger & Coconut Blossom Syrup
  27. The Foraging Fox Smoked Beetroot Ketchup
  28. The Free From People Hot & Spicy Mix
  29. The Nowt Poncy Company Curry Sauce
  30. Upwards! Gluten Free Calzone Margarita Plus


Breakfast foods – Sponsored by Holland & Barrett

  1. Alara Lucy Rocks Golden Granola/Breakfast Granola
  2. Coldpress Pumpkin Power Cold Pressure Juice
  3. Delamere Dairy Natural Sheep Yoghurt
  4. Delamere Dairy Spreadable Goat’s Butter
  5. Fria Brod Oat Square
  6. Goodness Grains Chocolate Croissant
  7. Grain & Bowl Maple'n'Pecan Granola
  8. Manilife Deep Roast Nut Butter
  9. Manilife Nut Butter
  10. MOMA Raspberry & Coconut Bircher Muesli
  11. Mr Organic Free From Chocolate & Hazelnut Spread
  12. Nairn's Gluten Free Breakfast Biscuit Break - Oats and Berries
  13. Orgran Brekki Quinoa Porridge Berry Sachets
  14. Pure Free From Dairy & Gluten Free Olive Spread

Breads – Sponsored by Dr Schaer

  1. Asda FreeFrom Sliced Seeded Bread
  2. BFree Brown Seeded Sandwich Loaf
  3. BFree Stone Baked Pitta Bread
  4. Genius Seeded Brown Farmhouse Loaf
  5. Rana's Artisan Bakery Bold Buckwheat Sourdough FreeFrom Loaf
  6. Tesco Free From 4 Petit Pain
  7. Tesco Free From 4 White Sandwich Thins
  8. Tesco Free From Ancient Grain Cob
  9. The Polish Bakery Dark Bread with Sunflower Seeds Gluten Free Bread

Store cupboard – Sponsored by Genius Gluten Free

  1. Amisa Gluten Free Pancake Mix
  2. Asda Free From Salad Cream
  3. Bakeit FreeFrom Spicy Ginger Cake
  4. Clearspring Organic Gluten Free Buckwheat Flour
  5. Coconut Merchant Organic Coconut Nectar Vegan Honey Alternative
  6. Delicious Alchemy Gluten & Dairy Free Sage& Red Onion Stuffing Mix
  7. Delicious Alchemy Gluten & Dairy Free Christmas Cake Mix
  8. Free & Easy Gluten and Dairy Free Carrot Cake Mix
  9. Gordon Rhodes Gluten Free Scorching Hot Rub with Habanero Chilli
  10. Gordon Rhodes Gluten Free Smouldering Hot Rub with Chipotle Chilli
  11. In The Nood Crunchy Cacao Make Your Own Energy Ball Mix
  12. Isabel's Cuisine Yorkshire Pudding Mix
  13. Madame Sunshine Medium Chilli Sauce
  14. MannaVida Garlic & Rosemary Gluten Free Easy Bake Bread Kit
  15. Mrs Crimble's Home Bake Pastry Mix
  16. Mummy Bakes Ginger Nutty Biscuit Mix
  17. Plamil Organic Egg Free Mayo with green chilli
  18. Quinola Express Wholegrain Quinoa
  19. Ramayas Bakery Belgian Chocolate Cookie Mix
  20. Rosamond & Ivy Spiced Cacao Drinking Chocolate
  21. Schwartz Gluten Free Chilli con Carne Recipe Mix
  22. Schwartz Gluten Free Cottage Pie Recipe Mix
  23. Schwartz Gluten Free Fajitas
  24. Make It Gluten Free Simple Mills Artisan Bread Mix
  25. Sinclair Condiments Hot Banana Ketchup
  26. Spice Devils Twist'd Creole Spice Mix
  27. Stoffell’s No Added Sugars Brown Sauce
  28. Susannah's Scrumptious Savoury Sauce
  29. Tesco Free From Carbonara Sauce
  30. Tesco Free From Sour Cream (Coconut Alternative)
  31. Tesco Free From Vegetable Gravy Granules
  32. The Foraging Fox Smoked Beetroot Ketchup
  33. The Nowt Poncy Tomato & Basil Sauce
  34. The Nowt Poncy Curry Sauce
  35. TReat Low Carbo Vegan Flatbread Mix


Pasta and Pizza – Sponsored by Genon Laboratories

  1. Clearspring Organic Green Pea & Quinoa pasta – fusilli
  2. Doves Farm Multigrain Penne
  3. Evexia Thrive Spinach & Ricotta Tortelloni Pasta
  4. Explore Cuisine Organic Chickpea Spaghetti
  5. Healthy and Delicious Fresh Italian Gourmet GF Tagliatelle Pasta
  6. Leaves PastaMagic Penne with Garlic
  7. Liberto Edamame Fettuccine
  8. Lori Organic Gluten Free Pasta Fusilli
  9. Pizza Express GF Margherita Pizza
  10. Riso Gallo 3 Cereali Gluten Free Fusilli
  11. Riso Gallo 3 Cereali Gluten Free Penne
  12. Tesco Free From Chicken & Caramelised Onion Pizza

Superfoods & Sports Supplements – Sponsored by Tiana Fair Trade Organics

  1. Acti-Snack Cacao, Cashew & Cranberry Bar
  2. Acti-Snack Fruit & Seed Bar
  3. Amazing Grass Protein Superfood
  4. Body Me Organic Protein Blend
  5. CHOC Chick Blissful Blends Marvellous Cacao Mandarin
  6. James White Drinks Turmeric Juice Zinger
  7. Marvellous Superfoods Organic Brown Rice Protein
  8. Muscle Candy’s Berry Whey Protein
  9. Muscle Candy’s Chocolate Whey Protein
  10. Nom Organic Protein Oat Bar

‘Food to go’ – Sponsored by the Integrated Food Projects Ltd

  1. Alara OTE The Power of Red Cereal Pot
  2. Asda Gluten Free Pork Pie
  3. Coco Mojo Bean Coconut Milk, Coconut Water with Coffee
  4. Core Body Cleanse Supergreens Soup
  5. Dolfin UK Simply 7 Kale Lemon and Olive Oil Crisps
  6. Dolfin UK Simply 7 Quinoa Salt & Vinegar Crisps
  7. Dragonfly Foods Around the World Tofupot Thai Green Curry
  8. Eat Real Cofersh Quinoa Puffs Cheese Flavour
  9. Fori Moroccan Lamb Bar
  10. Go Bites® Refuel Apricot and Seeds Energy Balls
  11. Good4U Cocoa & Orange Super Bites
  12. Kabuto Noodles Vegetable Laksa
  13. Liberty Loves RAW Chocolate and Raspberry Tart
  14. London Falafel Sweet Potato Falafel
  15. MiiRO SalteD CarameL
  16. MOMA Coconut & Chia Porridge
  17. Tesco Free From Curry Noodle Pot
  18. Tesco Free From Chicken & Bacon Roll
  19. The Raw Fix Smokey Banana Coconut Clusters
  20. Upwards! Gluten Free Calzone – Margarita Plus
  21. West Cornwall Pasty Gluten and Dairy Free 'Everybody' Pasty
  22. Yorkshire Provender Rustic Vegetable Broth with Kale, Lentils & Quinoa
  23. Yorkshire Provender Indian Spiced Vegetable Soup

Down the Pub and the Bar – Sponsored by FDIN

Gluten-free beers:

  1. Autumn Brewing Company Pilsner Lager
  2. Bellfield Brewery Bohemian Pilsner
  3. Bellfield Brewery Lawless IPA
  4. CELIA Lager
  5. Estrella Daura Damm
  6. Estrella Daura Marzen
  7. Green's Dubbel Ale
  8. Green's Triple Ale
  9. St Peter's Dark G-Free
  10. Stringer's Outlook Pale Ale
  11. Stringer's Outlook Dark

Savoury snacks:

  1. Amisa Quinoa Fibre Plus Crispbread
  2. Granovita Organic Tomato & Rocket Pâté
  3. Honeyrose Bakery Kale & Spiced Nut Toast, Organic & Gluten Free
  4. Keogh’s Dubliner Cheese & Onion Potato Crisps
  5. Liberto Organic & Vegan Pate De Provence
  6. Most Marvellously Munchable Multiseed Crackers with Cracked Black Pepper & Sea Salt Flakes
  7. Tesco Free From Plain Crackers
  8. Tesco Free From Cheese Flavour Nachos
  9. Wellaby's Simple Bakes Smoky BBQ
  10. Whitworths Full of Super Cayenne Chilli Flaxseed Crisps

Meaty and Fishy Ready Meals – Sponsored by Mrs Crimbles

  1. Asda Breaded Gluten Free Chicken Breast Fillets
  2. Asda Gluten Free Quiche Lorraine
  3. BigFish Salmon Fillets Marinated in Piri Piri Sauce
  4. Bird's Eye Gluten Free 10 Fish Fingers
  5. Debbie&Andrew's Coronation Chicken Chipolatas
  6. Doherty's Gluten Free Meat Balls
  7. Kezie Buffalo and Mushroom Burgers
  8. Kezie Ostrich Sausages
  9. Oh So Lean Low Fat Smoked Maple Steak Burger
  10. Pure Free From Dairy & Gluten Free Chicken Tikka Masala
  11. Slightly Different Foods Sweet Quebec Sausages
  12. Tesco Free From Chicken and Bacon Pasta
  13. Tesco Free From Beef Casserole and Dumplings
  14. Tesco Free From Chicken Tikka Masala with Pilau Rice
  15. The Black Farmer Premium Pork Chipolatas
  16. Wiltshire Farm Foods Apetito Free From Chili con Carne

Veggie Ready Meals – Sponsored by The Allergy & FreeFrom Show

  1. Atlantica Traditional Spanish Tortilla
  2. Dragonfly Foods Devonshire Soysage
  3. Easy Bean Thai Edamame Curry One-Pot
  4. London Falafel Authentic Falafel
  5. Pure Dairy and Gluten Free Butternut Squash Risotto
  6. Quinola Express Golden Vegetables
  7. Voakes FreeFrom Curried Cauliflower & Sweet Potato Pie
  8. Wiltshire Farm Foods Apetito Spicy Bean Casserole

Foods suitable for nut and peanut allergics – Sponsored by Wellaby's

  1. Asda Free From Madeira Party Cake
  2. Bonnie Yau's Thai Style Satay Sauce
  3. Manny's Peanut Free Satay Sauces
  4. Tideford Vegan Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto

Foods designed for children – Sponsored by Delamere Dairy

  1. Asda Free From Chocolate Party Cake
  2. Asda Free From Gingerbread Men
  3. Asda Free From Jammy Wheels
  4. Debbie&Andrew's Reduced Fat and Salt Perfect Little Pork Chipolatas
  5. Doherty's Gluten Free Cocktail Pork Sausages
  6. Kiddylicious Veggie Straws
  7. MiiRO SalteD CarameL
  8. Moo Free Choccy Chums
  9. On The Menu Real Good Tomato Ketchup
  10. Perfect World Caramel Pecan Ice Cream
  11. Rule of Crumb Gluten & Dairy Free Chicken Goujons
  12. Rule of Crumb Gluten Free Salted Caramel and Chocolate Profiteroles
  13. Sponge Cakes Ltd Baby Chocolate Sponges
  14. Tesco Free From 12 Mozzarella Sticks
  15. Tesco Pulled Beef Ragu with Spaghetti
  16. The Coconut Co Little Coconutters Mini Coconut & Vanilla Snowconut Sticks

Tea Time! – Sponsored by Romer Labs

  1. Against the Grain Almond Cookies
  2. Asda Free From Stem Ginger Cookies
  3. Deans Gluten Free Choc Chip Shortbread
  4. Flower & White Lemon Curd Muffins
  5. Ginger Bakers Lemon & Polenta Traycake
  6. Gingerella Dairy & Gluten Free Chia, Pecan and Pumpkin Seed Cookie
  7. Gingerella White Chocolate and Cranberry Cookie
  8. Kelkin Gluten Free TeaCakes (Chocolate Flavoured)
  9. Le Pain des Fleurs Coconut Crispbread
  10. Lovemore Decorate Your Own Celebration Cake
  11. Marnie Searchwell Carrot & Coconut Cake
  12. Marnie Searchwell Reine de Saba
  13. Mummy Bakes Gin & Tonic Loaf Cake
  14. Mummy Bakes Sweet Scones Selection Box
  15. Mummy Bakes Treacle Tart
  16. Prewett's Chocoful
  17. Prewett's Rich Triple Chocolate Cookies
  18. RooBar Kookie Cat Vanilla & Choc Chip Cookies
  19. Rhythm 108 Foods Ltd Chocolate Hazelnut Tea Bread
  20. Sainsbury's Salted Toffee Shortbread
  21. Sponge Cakes Ltd Apple Crumble Sponge
  22. Sponge Cakes Ltd Victoria Sponge
  23. The Conscientious Cook Cashew Butter Blondies with Ginger and Coconut Blossom Syrup
  24. The Free From Bakehouse Banana and Chocolate Chip Loaf

Desserts and puddings – Sponsored by Morrisons

  1. Asda Free From Cream Filled Chocolate Profiteroles
  2. Booja Booja Raspberry Ripple Dairy Free Ice Cream
  3. Christine’s Puddings Apricot & Ginger Bread Pudding
  4. Flower & White Lemon Merangz
  5. Jollyum Summer Strawberry Dairy-Free Ice Cream
  6. Jollyum Maple & Pecan Dairy-Free Ice Cream
  7. Lillypuds Gluten Free Christmas Puddings
  8. Matthew Walker Gluten Free Syrup Sponge
  9. Matthew Walker Gluten Free Chocolate Sponge
  10. MiiRO Salted Caramel
  11. Naturally Coconuts Raw Chocolate
  12. Naturally Coconuts Mint Choc Chip
  13. Tesco Free From Choco Mousse Dessert
  14. Tesco Free From Mixed Berry Cheesecake
  15. Tesco Free From Strawberry Rice Pudding

Confectionery and Chocolate – Sponsored by Goodness Direct

  1. Asda Extra Special Freefrom Easter Egg
  2. Biona Organic Mini Fruit Bears
  3. Booja Booja Almond & Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Truffles
  4. Candy Kittens Sweet Pineapple
  5. D&D Dairy-Free Mint Chocolate Holly Leaves
  6. Freedom Confectionery Gelatine Free Marshmallows Mini Pink & White Vanilla Bites
  7. Functional Foods Nono Permissible Indulgent
  8. Goupie Date & Walnut Goupie
  9. Kinnerton Just Chocolate with Florida Orange
  10. Nakd Posh Bits Cocoa Raspberry
  11. Rawchokladfabriken Raw Chocolate Maca Guarana
  12. Rawchokladfabriken Raw Chocolate Mint Nibs
  13. Sweet Virtues Chia Seeds & Lime Chocolate Truffles
  14. Tesco Free From Chocolate Egg with Coins
  15. Tesco finest* Free From Caramel Flavoured Egg with Fondant Truffles
  16. The Raw Chocolate Company Raw Chocolate Goji Berries

Bars – cereal, fruit, superfood, grain-free etc – Sponsored by Synergis Marketing

  1. Adonis Smart Foods Peca, Goji Berry & Cocoa Snack Bar
  2. Nakd Posh Bits Cocoa Mandarin
  3. Raw Health Organic Blissed Chocada Truffles
  4. Rawcha Cacao & Goji Organic Matcha Bar
  5. Roo Bar Probiotic Energy Ball Choc Chip Matcha
  6. Squirrel Sisters Cacao Orange Raw Energy Bar
  7. The Raw Chocolate Pie Company Goji Berry & Pumpin Seeds Pie
  8. TREK Peanut Power Wholefood Energy Bar
  9. Whitworth's Full of Super Coconut Raw Bars
  10. Wild Trail Seed & Nut Raw Fruit and Nut Bar