11 Nov 2015

Agrimetrics is enabling industry to develop solutions to the challenges faced by the global food system through the use of ‘big data’ and analytics. The first of the UK Government’s four Centres of Agricultural Innovation, Agrimetrics has been co-designed with industry partners spanning the food chain from farming to retail, as well as major international IT, agrochemical and food businesses.

We are providing a single point of access to an ecosystem of the UKs leading research institutions and small and medium-sized enterprises to develop tailored solutions that exploit the explosion of data relevant to the food system.

But where does this information come from? Welcome to 21st century agriculture where drones, unmanned vehicles and 3-D imaging cameras all play an important role in sustainable intensification. Come and see them all in action at Stand 115.

Then, learn how the Agrimetrics team is analysing these data to provide unparalleled solutions to real-time risk management; horizon-scanning; product quality and food safety; metrics of sustainability; and accelerated plant breeding technologies.