27 Sep 2019

UK government fund offers a share of £20m funding for ambitious projects

In a bid to transform the way food is produced in the UK, and to ensure a sustainable future, the UK government is offering a share of £20m funding for businesses who can help develop new and more efficient methods.

The UK Government’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund Transforming Food Production Challenge has up to £20 million from the fund to invest in large-scale and ambitious projects that help UK food production break out of a traditional land-based model and move towards a sustainable position of net-zero emissions.

The competition is seeking projects either developing new and efficient low-emission food production systems or addressing technological and other bottlenecks holding back state-of-the art systems from supplying consumers.

Areas of work could include indoor growing systems, aquaculture, and new food sources such as insects and fermentation-based systems.

Projects must show how they will:

  • significantly contribute to achieving net-zero emissions across one or more food products
  • provide nutrient dense foods that are accessible to mainstream consumers
  • deliver other relevant benefits to society, such as reduced resource consumption and waste or improved animal welfare
  • apply a systems approach as opposed to working on a single technology

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