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23rd Aug 2018

New trends shaping the future of food

From gut health-boosting drinks to snacks made from insects, Speciality Food takes a look at the trends that are shaping the future of healthy, functional and better-for-you food.

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16th Aug 2018

Consumers expect more from vegan food

The latest statistics from Feed it Back reveal there has been a 5% increase in the amount of negative reviews about vegan food between January and May 2018, demonstrating a rise in consumer expectation of vegan dishes.

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26th Jul 2018

The Joys of Travel with California prunes

With summer holidays approaching, and many travelling all year-round, California prunes have put together a handy guide about how to stay nutritionally-well and healthy while travelling.

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19th Jul 2018

Plant-based innovation in infant formula

The global baby food and infant formula market reached a peak value of US$50 billion in 2017. Despite the vast growth, cow's milk and soy-based protein remained the only two sources to meet strict nutrition profiles set by regulatory standards for infant formula, leaving parents seeking alternatives with limited options – until now.

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12th Jul 2018

Five start-up opportunities in agtech

Venture investors poured more than US$4 billion into agtech last year and are on pace to match or exceed that this year. The convergence of AI, cloud computing, big data and gene editing, with applications from soil to plants, foods to medicines, farm to table are driving investments.

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5th Jul 2018

Meet the shoppers of the future

The shoppers of the future will be time optimisers, health conscious, individual, experimental and socially conscious, according to new research from IGD.

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21st Jun 2018

Salt levels in salads increase by 13%

Ready-to-eat salads could be damaging our health, according to a new nationwide product survey by Action on Salt. The expert group found that the salt content of salads bought from restaurants, sandwich/coffee shops and fast food outlets has worryingly increased by 13% since they were last surveyed in 2014, highlighting a distinct lack of commitment from the food industry to reduce salt.

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14th Jun 2018

Better beverages: the future is nutrition

Would you like to learn about up and coming nutrition ingredients, their health benefits and functionality in beverages? Join Kerry for a webinar on the 27th of June, looking to unwrap the future of nutrition for beverages.

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