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15th Nov 2018

Product data’s limitless potential

The 21st century has seen a wholesale reconfiguration of the shopper. More demanding, more environmentally aware, more socially responsible and with the tools at their disposal to ensure their expectations are met, consumers are changing the nature of global trade with increasing rapidity.

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14th Nov 2018

Navigating nutrition and health claims – proceed with care

Glowing Potential is hosting a “Navigating Nutrition and Health Claims – the basics” Roundtable at Food Matters Live 2018. Different from a seminar, this smaller, personal setting allows for you to ask questions and have a conversation around your brand and how nutrition and health claims can benefit you.

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11th Nov 2018

Haskap berry juice and freeze-dried powder

Native to the freezing wilderness of Siberia, the haskap berry has evolved over millennia, surviving hostile northern winters to produce fruit that is bursting with nutrition. Haskap, also known as honeyberry, is now finally taking its rightful place as an emerging superfood.

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11th Nov 2018

New vegan cheese styles for food manufacturers

Meet ‘Vgarden’, the delicious vegan food manufacturer, working in collaboration with Gerald McDonald & Co Ltd. Launching at the Food Matters Live a range of new vegan cheese styles for food manufacturers.

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