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21st Mar 2019

Formulating for sugar reduction

Public Health England is challenging manufacturers to reduce the amount of sugar included in their products 20% by 2020. Brenntag are excited about two ingredients that can help make this a reality.

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14th Mar 2019

Reducing sugar in a post-Brexit Britain

The UK is still consuming too much sugar, and multiple diet-related diseases could be affecting the population as a result. How can sugar intake be effectively regulated in a post-Brexit UK?

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10th Jan 2019

Ethical and health credentials can drive interest in the free-from market

Avoiding certain food/ingredients is common in the UK with people now making this choice voluntarily rather being forced to because of allergies/intolerances. In this article Mintel’s Associate Director of Food and Drink Emma Clifford examines how food companies can tap into the increased interest in the free-from market.

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10th Jan 2019

How to make consumers healthier: rank food companies

The time has come for an independent ranking system that judges food and drink companies’ progress in selling healthier products. Not only do rankings have tremendous power over consumers’ wallets, they can also transform industries and spur them to drive innovation – if only to avoid being ranked at the bottom.

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