15 Nov 2018

The British Dietetic Association wants to play its part in helping people wake up to the impact of their diets on the environment. UK dietitians are gearing up to take on a list of new recommendations from the BDA based on the latest evidence. One Blue Dot, launched at Food Matters Live, is a new project from the BDA to show how nutrition experts can help people make essential changes for the planet – and the nation’s health.

An extensive review of nutritional considerations has been conducted by BDA experts who have drilled down to macronutrient level to show that eating well can be compatible with eating for a healthy planet. Full details can be found in the BDA’s ‘Eating patterns for health and environmental impact’ reference guide, which forms part of the One Blue Dot toolkit, supported by project partner Alpro. The brand new reference guide will be available from the BDA website after next week’s launch www.bda.uk.com/onebluedot.

BDA Honorary Chairman Caroline Bovey said “One Blue Dot helps BDA members and their clients to act now to make the essential dietary changes needed to ensure the future security of the planet. There is mounting pressure from leading environmental experts and organisations, as well as growing public interest and support, and the BDA is proud to add its voice to the raft of solutions which will be required.”

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