Food Matters Live Masterclass

Wednesday 8 September 2021 | 10am - 1pm | Price: £99 + VAT

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Get the tools you need to work out your Brand X-Factor and how to make it a marketing success.

In this masterclass, you will share a morning with Flintlock founder Tasha Gladman, Brand Strategist Nick Radley and Copywriter Kerry Betsworth to learn about why brands matter and how they not only drive brand value but absolute commercial value (£££’s).

You will follow a food and drink case study that Flintlock created for a well-known UK brand. Interactive break-out sessions will then help you start a brand strategy to use in all your marketing and communications.

Great brand strategy saves you time, mistakes and money. To make sure that you get it right...

By the end of this masterclass, you should:

1. Get clear on what makes your brand different and unique.

2. Set a goal on what you want your brand to achieve.

3. Be able to qualify what your brand exists to do - in a nutshell.

4. Build the evidence your brand needs to be believable.


Meet your speakers: 

Natasha Gladman, Founder of Flintlock.

Natasha is a highly creative corporate marketer, with an entrepreneurial flair, she has over 30 years’ experience working in FMCG and retail. Tasha has led on innovation, communication, and product development across a breadth of businesses, at both local and international level. She is recognised as an inspiring leader, with huge amounts of energy, who gets the best out of her teams and clients. Her impressive track record of brand turnarounds, delivered through a combination of a compelling vision, new positioning, bold communications, and a clear innovation roadmap includes Unilever, Mars, Findus, Tesco, Hovis and Grant’s. She has acted as the ‘drop-in CMO’ for B&Q and Co-op Food. Her clients also include ambitious upscales and start-ups, most recently Vitaccess, StoryStream and Flylogix, where she and her team actively supporting them to get growing - faster.

Kerry Betsworth, Associate at Flintlock, Strategic Copywriter.

Kerry works alongside Tasha to support Spark Workshops and the creation of brand proposition and storylines. Well-versed in the art of putting pen to paper, she has worked with a multifaceted range of clients in both the creative and corporate sectors. She has worked with Tasha on numerous projects - most recently Decathlon, Flylogix, StoryStream and Vitaccess - to bring a distinctive take to any brief that helps clients to pin down and express their vision into the written word. Her approach is to listen carefully, to question clearly and be alert to broader trends, so that the final edit will sound true-to-message and relate to your target market. After a ten year career in PR, marketing and client relations management, she set up as a freelancer in 2003 and has successfully helped her clients to communicate through words ever since.

Nick Radley, Flintlock Associate at Flintlock, Lead Brand Strategist.

Nick has worked with Tasha on several projects (Simplyhealth, Denplan and Co-op), and contributes to strategic and communications planning, with his inimitable, engaging and empathetic style. Nick’s career is nearly 25 years old – during which time he has worked in research, brand consultancy and as CSO; developing effective work for brands big and small.  His career has seen him flown across the globe and work across a number of famous campaigns, from Guinness to Axa, Bathstore to The Co-op. He’s launched a national retailer and developed new ways of shopping for another.  He’s improved the trust of an insurance brand and made milkshake more healthy and appealing to adults. He’s the recipient of multiple awards, including being a double Gold IPA effectiveness award winner.