Food Matters Live, 29-30 June | 16-17 Nov

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  • The unrivalled Food Matters Live Education Programme is bringing together industry experts and innovators who are shaping the future of food, drink and nutrition. Access five streams of topical evidence-based presentations, trend insights and thought-provoking panel discussions on-demand today. 
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Insights theatre: where innovative ingredients meet the future of retail trends

This theatre will provide insights from the world’s leading innovators on the next gamechanging science-based products to aid health and wellbeing. Speakers will introduce unique and innovative ingredients and products, presenting the science behind these latest ingredients, prototypes and new food concepts. And alongside will be a series of fast-paced panel discussions exploring some of the key retail trends driving consumer demand across the food, nutrition, better-for-you and health and wellbeing categories.


Insights theatre: nutrition and health science

The nutrition and health science theatre will provide the latest insight on new innovations from the food and nutraceutical industry to meet the ever-changing demands of the health and wellbeing category. It will bring together leading experts to explore the latest scientific developments on functional ingredients and nutraceuticals which are driving new product development in the areas of immune health, digestive health, cognitive health and performance, sports nutrition, weight management and satiety and heart health. 


Nutrition in
the community

These practical and inspiring seminars put the focus on nutrition in community settings – from public health policies and best practice to how Government policy driven by COVID-19 may change the way we think about tackling obesity and the role of nutrition in maintaining public health in the future. Come away with practical strategies and insights into the effective management of obesity, malnutrition and reducing health inequalities in the community. Be inspired by programmes boosting workplace productivity through improved employee nutrition. Gain a better understanding of behavioural science and the latest technologies and theories supporting the adoption of healthier diets.


The future of
sustainable diets

Our food systems contribute 21%-37% of global greenhouse gases. Changing what we eat, where it comes from and how it comes to us, will play a critical role in helping to reduce global carbon emissions. These live webcasts will explore what needs to happen to make our diets more sustainable – from seed to plate – and how to influence consumers to make sustainable choices. Hear from experts exploring the latest in innovative technology to green our supply chain, new product development for plant based and alternative proteins, and how to shift the consumer mindset towards more sustainable food choices. Join forward thinkers, disruptors and innovators shaping the future of our food and diet.


Connecting with consumers: the future of packaging design and creative marketing

Consumer trends in sustainability and wellbeing continue to dominate customer thinking when it comes to their buying habits. On top of this, the UK’s government’s recent announcement to tackle obesity has far reaching implications on how brands can market and connect with consumers, their packaging design and labelling. These seminars will look at how best to connect with customers through packaging design and creativity. They will explore how trends are influencing consumer mindsets and shifting attitudes and how brands are using their value and purpose to engage consumers in new and relevant ways to create a stronger dialogue.