We are Sprau. We are beanful of life.

Sprau® germinated faba beans are nutritionally balanced and mild in flavor, making them suitable for a variety of applications, for example meat analogues, dairy alternatives and snacks. On top of being an excellent source of plant-based protein, beans store dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins.

Faba beans demonstrate huge potential to help both agriculture and the food industry become more sustainable, but one of the factors limiting their use in the diet is the digestive discomfort pulses may cause. With Sprau® that is no longer the case. Germination is an ancient and natural process that awakens the bean to its full potential, making it easier for digestion and easy to enjoy in an everyday diet.

We have been experts in germination since 1897. Now we have reimagined germination for food.

Company Profile:

- Food & Drink Ingredients Supplier

Ingredients Areas of Interest:

- Clean Label

- Organic

- Plant Based / Vegan

Finished Products Areas of Interest:

- Alternative Protein

- Better-for-you

- Healthy Drinks

- Healthy Snacks

- Natural

- Plant Based

- Vegan

Meeting Partner Sought:

- Food & Drink Manufacturer / Brand Owner