Royal Avebe® is the world leader in potato starch and potato protein, offering unique texture solutions for plant-based meat & dairy alternatives, meeting consumer needs for better health, sustainability and animal welfare. Our full range of potato-based ingredients is 100% vegan, free from allergen labeling and GM-free.
For plant-based dairy alternatives we have developed a full range of texture solutions, based on unique combinations of potato starches and potato protein. They cover many different textures, from pourable via spoonable to spreadable and sliceable. Offering our customers the opportunity to develop great plant-based alternatives for yoghurt, cheese, spreads and ice cream!
For plant-based meat alternatives we offer ‘clean label’ binding solutions, giving the right firmness, juiciness and stability to burgers, sausages and deli products. Substitution of egg white or methylcellulose is also one of the possibilities.