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Dr Giles Yeo, Geneticist from University of Cambridge, discusses the behavioural science of food choices.

Justin King, former CEO of Sainsbury's, discusses the challenges facing grocery retailers now and in the future.

Jamie Murray Wells, Head of Retail at Google, shares key insights into the power of digital in the retail sector.

Suzanne Robinson, Managing Director UK of, delves into Generation Z’s functional attitude to food and the implications this has on today's industry.

Melanie Bulger, Regulatory Affairs Manager at Clasado Research Services, discusses the regulatory framework surrounding probiotics and the latest innovations in gut health.

James Read, Founder & Director of Giant Peach, discusses successful strategies for food and drink brands – from tone of voice and brand personality to influencer marketing.

Dr Alison Tedstone, Chief Nutritionist at PHE, discusses the impact of the new calorie reduction programme on retailers, manufacturers and the out-of-home sector.

Per Rehne, Commercial Director of OptiBiotix, shares insights on the connections between nutrition, biotech and consumers, and predicts what lies ahead for personalised nutrition.

Maria Mascaraque, Health & Wellness Analyst for Euromonitor International, explores how manufacturers can target ageing consumers through trends in clean label and functional foods.

Mike Rogers, Founder of Troo Granola, discusses the company's transition into gut health and how it was driven by increasing consumer awareness.

Duncan Selbie, CEO of Public Health England, discusses the change of policy focus for 2018, from sugar reduction to overall calorie reduction.

Ben Moser, Head of Partnerships at Huel, shares insights on the company's success and how the Huel brand is adapting to reach new retail channels.

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