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Duncan Selbie, Chief Executive of Public Health England, discusses their latest report, the public's overwhelming support for sugar and calorie reduction, plus the potential for future taxes.

Karel De Smit, Commercial Excellence Marketing at Cargill Food Ingredients & Bio industrial, gives viewers a sneak peek of what they have planned for Food Matters Live.

Diana Spellman, Managing Director of PARTNERS IN PURCHASING, explains how their business helps new food manufacturers enter the foodservice market.

Elsa Valentine & Tessa Walker, Directors & Creative Pioneers at INNATE, discuss the start-up’s range of healthy snacks and how they formed relationships with buyers in retail and foodservice.

Mark Cowan, Co-Founder of Happen, explores consumers’ emotional connection to free-from and predicts how the category will grow in terms of product range, availability and language.

Rob Rona, Spokesperson for TDMR Europe, discusses the new regulations for total diet replacement products and the important role trade associations play in guiding legislation.

Yonas Alemu, Managing Director of Lovegrass, highlights the versatility and health benefits of the Ethiopian grain teff and the importance of creating a global supply chain.

Gary Bartlett, Specialist Product Developer at TOBAR, discusses the need to produce food in a sustainable way and the launch of their new insect powder bars with adventurer Bear Grylls.

Suzane Leser, Director of Nutrition Communication at GELITA, discusses the launch of their new sports nutrition product and what they'll be doing at Food Matters Live 2018.

Davina Steele, Founder of Davina Steel - Gluten Free Baking, discusses the development of their gluten-free bread kits and how a rebrand helped garner the attention of top retailers.

John Marenghi, Territory Sales Manager at Lonza, outlines the four “mega trends” in the vitamins, minerals and supplements market, plus what consumers look for in a product.

Neena Sandhu, Corporate and Partnerships Manager at BoroughBox, discusses the need to support small UK producers and highlights what she is looking for at Food Matters Live.

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