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David Hobson, Managing Associate, Intellectual Property, Mathys & Squire, explains the benefits of registering your intellectual property, and provides his top tips for SME's.

Marije Vogelzang, Eating Designer and Head of the Food Department at Design Academy Eindhoven, explores the future of food and the disruptive role designers can play in shaping it.

Economist, presenter and journalist Tim Harford talks about human behaviour, why we expect big global brands to build trust and why we turn on them when they don’t.

Sara Bruce-Goodwin, Vice President Research and Development at Starbucks Coffee Company, reflects on their proactive approach to product reformulation and innovation.

Simone Frey, Founder of Future of Nutrition, discusses the development of nutrition as "the new medicine" and the advancements we can expect to see in personalised nutrition.

Prof. Dame Theresa Marteau DBE, Director of the Behaviour and Health Research Unit at Cambridge University, explores the best methods for reducing calories in the out-of-home sector.

Paul Pomroy, Chief Executive of McDonald's UK, discusses the consumer desire for choice, their influence over menu items and the importance of transparency, taste and experience.

Jonathan Jowett, Corporate Affairs Director at Greggs, discusses their reformulation efforts and the challenges they will face with PHE's new calorie reduction targets.

Suzanne Robinson, Managing Director at Happen UK, discusses the new generation of consumer and what's important to them: accessibility, transparency, sustainability and holistic health.

Tom Kerridge, Chef & TV Presenter, reflects on his sizeable weight loss and the recipes he used to achieve this, and shares advice for others looking to make the same life change.

Camilla Cavendish, Senior Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School, reflects on industry's response to the sugar tax and the government's next area of interest: food reformulation.

Moira Howie, Nutrition Manager at Waitrose, discusses the success and expansion of their in-store 'Healthy Eating Specialists' programme, plus what they have planned for 2019.

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