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At BitesWeLove we make tasty and healthy plant based snacks based on nuts, dried fruits, peas and beans. We offer our healthy snacks in portion packs and standing pouches in 8 flavors for both retail and foodservice. We are a female-led business bursting with Good Energy, ready to take over Europe! Our mission is to bring you the good energy you need for everyday greatness. In 2020 we sold more then 2.5 million bites in the Netherlands growing over 55%.

In 2020 we launched a new product; Crunchy Peas. They taste as great as (or even better than) your favorite crisps or snacking nuts, bursting with flavor. But are a lot healthier, as they contain 60% less fat, are a source of plant protein and high in fibre. We offer them in three flavors: Smoked Paprika, Sea Salt Black Pepper and Sour Cream Jalapeno (Vegan).