Working Together: Fostering an inclusive workplace

A Masterclass for HR Professionals



This January, our HR Masterclass brings together senior HR professionals to discuss the latest trends in inclusivity, inclusion and diversity in the workplace.


This masterclass provides a fully interactive format with practical, actionable guidance and new innovative ideas for you to champion diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 

About this Masterclass:


  • Explore obstacles to diversity; from behavioural indicators to structural barriers.

  • Learn how to boost employee engagement and effectively inclusively manage teams remotely.

  • Learn best practice approaches and tips from different sectors.

  • Find out how to use data and numbers to monitor and showcase the benefits of inclusion.

  • Hear inspiring case studies, bring your own story to the group.

  • Discussion-based and action-plan focused.

  • Come away fully informed on inclusivity and diversity and with your own action plan.


Price £99  + VAT

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The masterclass will be led by Dan Robertson, Director of VERCIDA Consulting who will provide you with new and innovative ideas to help your organisation advance forward on it’s inclusion journey.

Dan will be joined by Amanda Scott from Compass UK&I and Nicole Zube from Kellogg Company who will discuss their thoughts and views on building a culture of inclusive employee engagement and share insights on their journey towards an inclusive workplace culture, discussing inclusive recruitment practices and specific initiatives that have performed well.







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