The HIGHLIGHTS of our first Food Matters Careers Event

19th October 2020

'Inspiring the future of food and nutrition' - 15th  October 2020 was our first Food Matters Careers Event. 

Students, industry and academia joined together to share insightful and thought-provoking ideas around the future of food and nutrition. Students learnt key insights from leading industry experts, asked questions that matter and networked with industry and peers. 
Sessions included: 
1. Attracting and retaining talent: why a multi-stakeholder approach matters
2. Personality and profile: the evolving image of the next generation of food and drink industry leaders.
3. Career in focus: diversity in the food and drink industry
4. Creating first class global food and drink industry
Each session was interspersed with time slots where students, industry and academia could network via 1-2-1 virtual meetings which were pre-arranged before the day.
A taster from the event: top quotes from the event:
─ “We want people in the business who can see the big picture and change along with the industry, as well as having a holistic view of the whole industry with sustainable growth in mind”. Cian Short, Bakkavor
─ “The Food and drink industry makes up £110 billion, it’s the biggest supply chain sector – we have an absolute right to have incredible career paths available for people”. Penny Wilson, Britvic
─ “COVID - 19 has fast tracked everything on digital skills – this is a digital age – we have to think of everything digital first and digital skills are really important going forward”. Jacinta George, Reading Scientific Services Ltd.
─ “Being diverse and inclusive helps companies get unique viewpoints which help to understand and embrace our customer needs – More diverse and inclusive teams are typically 80% more productive”. Grace Roper, Sainsbury’s
Overall it was a fantastic event, with high quality content and enjoyed by all ! Thank you to all of our speakers and attendees.