How many people do the seminar rooms cater for?
Up to 90 seated people.

What audio-visual will be available in the seminar room?

  • Projector Kit and 8’ x 6’ wall mounted Screen
  • DELL Precision Laptop ad MasterCue cue light kit
  • Loudspeaker sound system
  • Lectern + microphone and top table microphone kit

What does chairing involve?
The chair will commence the session, introduce each presenter to speak, keep presentations running to time, and facilitate questions from the audience time permitting.

Food Matters Live is accredited by the Association for Nutrition (AfN) and the British Dietetic Association (BDA) for CPD (Continuing Professional Development).  Please remind the audience that they can collect a certificate of attendance for their CPD portfolio by visiting either the BDA or AfN stands on the exhibition floor.

Do attendees have to attend more than one seminar to obtain CPD accreditation from the AfN and/or BDA?
No, there isn’t a minimum requirement. Attendees should visit the BDA and AfN stands on the exhibition floor by the entrance to collect a certificate of attendance for their CPD portfolio.

Will there be a steward to assist with Q&A's from the audience?
Yes. The steward will have a microphone for the audience to use.

Will I receive speaker bios prior to the seminar?
You can access speaker bios and pictures on our website. Search for each speaker here or find your seminar session here and click through to each speaker’s profile for a short biography (please note chairs only need to introduce the name and title of each speaker).

Can I see the seminar presentations in advance?
No. You can find the presentation topics/title within your session via this page. If you have further questions about the presentations please contact the speaker directly (we can provide contact details if necessary).

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