Food Matters Live 2021, 9-10 March | 29-30 June | 16-17 Nov

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Ingredient experts: join now for 9-10 March  Ingredient experts Login > - total health and wellbeing ltd® is an on-line, evidence based, personalised nutrition tool that assesses the impact lifestage, lifestyle, dietary intake, and medication/s have upon nutritional status. The single or cumulative impacts of thousands of generic or branded medications affecting nutritional status are assessed using our proprietary database containing over 1000 peer reviewed references identifying over 4000 incidences of interactions with over 30 micronutrients and the microbiome. A validated algorithm enables the impacts to be assessed quantitatively, with cumulative scores from the multiple inputs aggregated. Hyperlinks to the relevant abstracts enable recommendation/s to be validated. Users are provided with personalised dietary and supplement recommendations.

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