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Nomato – Bellygoodness

Bellygoodness cooking sauces offer you a range of five natural, flavour packed award winning sauces without any of the common foods that can irritate the gut. Packed full of veggies and ALL natural ingredients. 

Founded by mother and daughter nutritionists, Bellygoodness sauces assist the overall wellbeing of the gut as your gut makes up a whopping 80-90% of your immune system, along with helping those with gut disorders such as acid reflux, colitis, IBS, Crohns etc access to foods that would normally cause immense discomfort.

Our already multi award winning Nomato sauce is our most popular out of our range, it has allowed many of our customers to enjoy much missed meals which are normally tomato based. Tomatoes can be very acidic to a sensitive gut. Our Nomato sauce is an excellent alternative and full of plant based flavour and goodness.

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