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AltaBioscience offers amino acid analysis services accredited to ISO/ILEC 17025:2015 to food, feed and nutraceutical organisations worldwide. The laboratory, based in the UK, was established in 1973 and offers protein content analysis using the defined post-column detection technique enabling the testing of various sample types, from crackers to protein bars and avoiding the potential for overestimation of protein reported with other analysis techniques.

Both total amino acid analysis and free amino acid analysis are available. Quantification can be obtained for each of the 20 standard amino acids and also up to 40 non-standard amino acids e.g. taurine, hydroxyproline.
Working with both international companies and individuals, our experienced technical analysts can develop methods suitable to meet the most stringent requirements. Our methods include working to European Pharmacopoeia 2.2.56 monographs.

Quantitative amino acid analysis is ideal for new products, batch testing and also testing raw materials to ensure they meet specification.

Sample submission is straightforward and turnaround fast with results provided as signed documents. Our customer support includes direct contact with our analysts.

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