Tuesday 13th March 2018
2.30pm - 5.30pm

British Embassy, Copenhagen
Kastelsvej 36-40
DK-2100 Copenhagen

To register
to attend please email: rachel.rowe@foodmatterslive.com

Food production is the biggest industry in the world and now, more than ever, the food technology sector is under immense pressure to meet the needs of a rapidly expanding population, both in terms of numbers of people and waistline. Coupled to this need for improved efficiency is the requirement for healthier products that satisfy customer trends and government health policies.

The food industry is responding by providing cleaner and less wasteful processes as well as introducing ‘lite’ products such as sugar-free drinks, fat free spreads, and low-salt alternatives. However, there is a balance between meeting these goals and achieving acceptable product taste and texture. Where such balance is met, an Intellectual Property (IP) opportunity is often missed. 

As part of this event Mathys & Squire will be joined by industry experts and UK government (Public Health England) to discuss the current state of the UK food and beverage market, and the associated opportunities for Danish companies.  There will be a particular emphasis on striking the right balance between taste, sugar, marketing, and product innovation, and the importance of protecting intellectual property in this highly competitive technical field.



Jamie Methuen, Senior Business Development Manager, Public Health England

Jamie is based in Bristol representing the Health Improvement Directorate across the country and internationally, and is responsible for helping the directorate  identify external income opportunities and develop propositions to meet market needs.  Day to day, he is involved in commercial strategy, intellectual property management, customer negotiation and contract management.

Jamie has an MSc in Air Transport Planning from Loughborough University and spent the early part of his career developing regional airline services between the South West and North East. He gained experience in business development while working in medical devices, healthcare and defence companies including GSK, Smith & Nephew, Johnson & Johnson, and Airbus.

He joined the NHS as a business development manager in 2009 and following a secondment to  PHE in 2014 has been with the business development team since June 2015.

Martin Maclean, Partner, Mathys & Squire

Martin has been providing IP advice to the food and drink industry for over 15 years, with clients ranging from household names such as PepsiCo, Quaker Oats, and Warburtons, through to SMEs and start-ups. Examples of technical subject-matter include granola and snack-foods,  colour-stabilised drinks, corn milling and puffed grain processes, low-cal naturally-sweetened drinks, and sterol-fortified beverages.

David Hobson, Managing Associate, Mathys & Squire

David works with UK and overseas clients protecting their food, beverage, and packaging inventions.  David has represented some of Europe’s biggest food and food ingredient companies, including Warburtons, DuPont Nutrition Biosciences, and Plant Biosciences.  Much of David’s patent work has focused around enzyme biotechnology, including its application in the food and pharmaceutical industries.  He has also represented clients specialising in the field of probiotics, prebiotics, and food supplements. 

James Read, Founder, Giant Peach

Giant Peach is an ethical digital agency that was founded by James Read in 2005. What initially started as a business in his spare room has organically grown into a successful digital agency with a team of 12 Peaches now based in a converted barn in a fantastic rural setting in the Wiltshire countryside. James is a passionate entrepreneur with a wealth of creative and technical knowledge, he leads his team with respect and unwavering dedication to his vision: to create a cutting-edge creative business with agility and sustainability at it's core.

Giant Peach deliver website projects that generate results, working with brands that already do good things the Giant Peach team use their expertise in all things digital to help their clients make an even bigger difference.