Dr Alison Tedstone, Chief Nutritionist for Public Health England, talks to us about the collaboration between Public Health England and industry to reduce sugar in children's food by 20%.

Writer, Critic, Journalist and TV Presenter Emma Woolf, talks to us about the importance of providing healthy role models for children and young people by taking our own diets and exercise regimes back to basics.

Dr João Breda, Nutrition Programme Manager for the World Health Organisation, talks to us about the economic burden posed by poor nutrition to health systems.

Paul Graham, Managing Director at Britvic, talks to us about their initiatives to reduce calories per serve by 20% by 2020.

Food policy expert, Professor Corinna Hawkes, co-chair of the Global Nutrition Report, explains the scale of global malnutrition.

David Saint, Managing Director at Refresco, talks to us about how innovation in the soft drinks industry is key to providing a wider choice of healthier options for consumers. 

James Bate, Category Leader for Consumables at Amazon, talks to us about the new Amazon Launchpad programme - designed to help start-ups build brands and consumers keep up with the pace of innovation.

Kaave Pour, Creative Director at future living lab Space 10 in Copenhagen, shares insight into the lab’s latest sustainable food project.

Raymond Blanc OBE talks to us about the role of chefs in motivating dietary behaviour change.

Daniel Glaser discusses the connections between food choice, sensory perception and expectation.

Nick Canning, Joint Managing Director of Iceland Foods, discusses how the retailer is innovating and collaborating with partners to enable healthier food choices.

Food writer and historian, Bee Wilson, talks to us about what shapes our food preferences.

"It will require action from the whole of society" Duncan Selbie, Chief Executive of Public Health England, shares his views on the childhood obesity strategy.

“For me it lacked teeth and it lacked firm regulation” Gail Gallie, Chief Executive of the Jamie Oliver Foundation, shares her views on the childhood obesity strategy.

"It does address the central issue of sugar reformulation" Ian Wright, Director General of the Food and Drink Federation, shares his views on the childhood obesity strategy.

Emma Reed, Deputy Director, Department of Health, discusses the importance of cross-sector collaboration in the fight against childhood obesity.

Tim Harford, Behavioural Economist and Broadcaster, shares his views on the sugar tax on soft drinks together with the impact of the tax on public health.

Tim Smith, Group Quality Director, Tesco PLC, tells us how they have reformulated their soft drinks led by consumer demand for healthier choices.

Dr Rachel Cheatham, Founder of Foodscape Group, talks to us about the top trends driving consumer behaviour and the new products using novel ingredients making it into the mainstream.

Andrew Jennings, Founder of Berrywhite organic drinks, talks to us about the brand journey so far and the role exports have played.

Simon Bridgwater, UK Industry Practice Leader Food and Drink at Willis Towers Watson, discusses strategies for managing new and emerging risks facing the food and drink industry.

Ahead of new health and wellness market data from Euromonitor International, Maria Mascaraque discusses some of the data findings from the global formula milk marketplace.

Martin Walsh, General Manager at Döhler GmbH, talks to us about health and wellbeing trends influencing new product development and the opportunities for collaboration with SMEs.

Joanna Instone, Head of External Affairs and Policy Officer, British Dietetic Association talks to us about their new initiative to launch a network of public health champions.

Nicolas Mounard, Chief Executive at Farm Africa, talks to us about the work of Farm Africa to empower smallholder farmers in eastern Africa.

Nikolai Lazarev, Chief Executive at London Falafel, shares the brand story behind their free-from, vegan products.

Tim Rycroft, Corporate Affairs Director at the Food and Drink Federation, shares the Federation’s views on the UK Government’s plan for action to reduce childhood obesity.

Linda Cregan, Chief Executive of the Children’s Food Trust, shares their views on the UK Government’s plan for action to reduce childhood obesity.

John Danvers, European Innovations Director at Ixion, talks to us about the opportunities for the food and drink industry to access grant funding – both in the UK and internationally.

Christine Spliid, Founder of Crobar, talks to us about the insect protein trend and her own brand story to date, including the challenges of changing consumer perception towards insects as food.

Jake Norman discusses the adoption of robotics in UK food and drink manufacturing and the opportunities that robotics and automation can bring to small and medium sized manufacturers.

Leonie Milliner, Chief Executive of the Association for Nutrition, talks to us about how food producers can access evidence based nutritional advice and the importance of substantiating health claims.

Andrew Stephen, the new Chief Executive at Sustainable Restaurant Association, outlines the achievements of the SRA to date and their plans for healthy eating campaigns in 2017.

Brigid McKevith RD, talks to us about UK tea culture and how Tetley are innovating in green, infusion and herbal tea to continue to drive 'new news' in the tea category.


Julianne Ponan and Rhiannon Lambert tell us the story behind the Creative Nature brand and discuss the importance of substantiating nutrition and health claims.

Gary Lavin, Founder of VITHIT, talks us through the brand’s journey - from overcoming the challenges of being ahead of its time to successfully becoming a category leader.

Nutristrength share their brand journey with us: from taking their product from the sports nutrition category towards meeting rising consumer demand for broader ‘lifestyle' nutrition products.

Rob Ward, Director and Co Founder of Grocery Accelerator Ltd, shares his top tips for success for breakthrough brands in health and wellbeing – from substantiating health claims to establishing a loyal customer base.

Alan Bird discusses Wessanen UK’s approach to reducing finished product food waste through their partnership with food redistribution charity FoodShare. 

Jonathan O’Reilly, Corporate Area Manager for Europe at Hard Rock International, tells us how the UK chain of Hard Rock Cafes meets the needs of allergenic diners.

Mona Schmitz Hübsch, European Marketing Manager – Wholesome at Ingredion Germany, discusses the opportunities for food manufacturers in meeting future consumer demand for clean label foods.

Milan Shah talks about the aims of the 2016 International Year of Pulses and the potential for industry to embrace pulses to foster innovative, nutritious NPD and culinary practice

Claire Baseley, Nutritionist at Ella's Kitchen, shares the research and messages behind their new Veg for Victory campaign. 

Rob Kurz, a Foodologist at Artizian Catering, talks to us about their nutritionally led, chef inspired approach to health and nutrition.

Tim Render discusses the Great British Food Unit’s role in supporting innovation, productivity and competitiveness for the food and drink industry.

Tristram Stuart explains why consumer demand is key to changing food waste.

Gail Gallie talks to us about the sugar tax and how the food and drink industry can innovate to improve child health.

Linda Cregan tells us about the Children’s Food Trust's ‘Let’s Get Cooking’ programme and the inspiration behind their upcoming 'Big Cookathon 2016’.

Unilever Foundry’s Director, Jeremy Basset, talks through the key criteria they look for when forging partnerships with SMEs and the opportunities for the food and drink industry.

Anna Taylor talks to us about making food policy deliver a better diet for Britain as well as what can be done across the supply chain to improve access to healthy and sustainable diets for all.

Olivier Kutz, Marketing Manager EMEA at PureCircle, talks to us about the rise of stevia and what it means for the future of sugar reduction.

Ben Goldacre discusses bad information when it comes to health and nutrition claims and the incentives which motivate dietary behaviour change.

Polly Toynbee speaks on what it will take to ensure a nutritious food system, affordable for all.

Valentine Warner, chef, author and presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Food Programme, talks to us about the role of media and brands in influencing food choices.

Ella Woodward talks about the need for clear labelling and the role of the government in helping consumers make the right choices.

Professor Barry Smith discusses sensory factors affecting our perception and enjoyment of food and drink.

Claire Hughes, Head of Nutrition and Science for Marks and Spencer, discusses key drivers enabling healthier food choices. 

Ian Wright talks to us about why multi-stakeholder engagement matters when it comes to finding solutions to nutrition and obesity.

Professor Alice Roberts talks to us about why we need to understand the connections with food, the environment and human health.

Ian Meikle reports on the UK’s Agri-Tech strategy, and how the new innovation centres will enable the industry to respond to some of the biggest challenges facing food production.

Stephen Heppell talks to us about the need to explore what foods pupils should be eating in the run up and during their exams.

Ophelia Deroy explains some of the new research into the visual impact of food presentation and wider sensory influences on food consumption.

Phil Hooper, Brand and Communications Director, UK & Ireland, Sodexo talks about the the health and wellbeing agenda for the foodservice sector.

Stefan Gates shares his views on how to get children curious and interested in food and good nutrition.

Nick Canning, Joint Managing Director at Iceland shares his views on the potential of the frozen food sector in enabling healthier food choices.

Judith Buttriss talks about the diets of young adults and why taking a whole diet approach matters; as well as the changing nature of the dietetics and nutrition industry. 

Professor Jim Al-Khalili discusses the role of the scientific community in cutting through the noise and communicating the evidence base behind good nutrition.

George Eustice shares insight into the Government’s agri-tech strategy together with his views on the potential of agri-metrics to inform technological advances.

Henry Dimbleby discusses the cultural change required to end food waste.

Catherine Gazzoli, Founder of Piccolo Foods, discusses the work they do to support the National Childbirth Trust in communities around the UK.

Sofie Dralle, founder, Stop My Craving talks to us about their brand journey so far in providing a platform for consumers to find healthier food alternatives.

Speaking from Food Matters Live 2016, David Saint talks to us about how innovation in the soft drinks industry is key to providing a wider choice of healthier options for consumers.

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