Which software will you be using for the live webcasts?
We will be using BigMarker.

Will I need to download BigMarker’s programme beforehand?
No, there is no programme available for download. You will have access to the webcast through your browser.

What are the system requirements for an optimal experience?

  • Access to a desktop or laptop with microphone and webcam
  • Please make sure you are on an updated version of Chrome or Firefox
  • Please sign out from any app/programme that has access to your microphone and camera such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Cisco Webex, etc...
  • Ideally, you should have an internet speed of 10+mbps for both upload and download
  • If possible, a wired connection is much more stable and will help prevent dropped connections and interference
  • If you are planning on attending from a school, large corporation, or religious institution, make sure you are not behind a Firewall, or open the necessary ports if you are. Further information can be found here
  • To increase your bandwidth, close all programs and applications not being used in your webinar and, if possible, make sure no one else in your household is using the internet during your session
  • If your internet speed drops during the presentation and compromises the quality of your image and sound, we may request that you turn your camera off and continue your presentation via audio only

We recommend you check your system here!

How will I access my session?
Please open the personalised link in the calendar invite sent to you by your dedicated Food Matters Live host. When you open the link, you will be granted access to the webinar landing page. From there, please follow the on-screen instructions to join the webcast. 

How long in advance can I access my session?
You are advised to join your session 15 minutes before the starting time. All the session speakers, the chair and the dedicated Food Matters Live host will be in a virtual backstage room before going live at the scheduled time. 

What does chairing involve?
The chair will commence the session, introduce each presenter to speak, keep presentations running on time, and facilitate questions from the audience time permitting.

How will the Q&A session work?
If a speaker has been allocated a presentation slot, they are expecting to answer questions, managed by you, during the last 10 minutes of their slot. If a speaker is part of a panel discussion, you will be managing the questions throughout the session. BigMarker offers a Q&A function which you will be asked to manage during the session. 

Will I receive speaker bios prior to the seminar?
You can access speaker bios and pictures on our website. Search for each speaker here or find your seminar session here and click through to each speaker’s profile for a short biography (please note chairs only need to introduce the name and title of each speaker).

Can I see the seminar presentations in advance?
No. You can find the presentation topics/title within your session via this page. If you have further questions about the presentations, please contact the speaker directly (we can provide contact details if necessary).