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Nutrition and health science

Live webcasts: nutrition and health science 

This series of webcasts delve into evidence-based science influencing the future of innovation and new product development in key category areas through informative, practical webcasts. What lies ahead of the future of personalised nutrition and digital health? How is plant-based innovation advancing functional nutrition? Delivered by a cast of nutrition science and industry experts, these webcasts provide unrivalled insights in the future of nutrition and health.

Themes include:

  • Digital health and wellbeing: new insights for food and nutrition brands
  • Naturally functional: the future of plant-based innovation
  • New learnings: the future of immune health and consumers - novel foods, new insights (post COVID) and consumer understanding of immune health
  • Advancing insights into the human microbiome: what’s next?
  • Naturally functional: novel food focus
  • Digestive wellness: what do we know now?
  • Personalised nutrition: 2021 and beyond
  • Weight wellness through the ages: new insights