Nutritional Therapist Bsc (Hons), mBANT

Melissa Cohen

Melissa Cohen has over 10 year's experience practicing as a Nutritional Therapist and Functional Medicine Practitioner. After working with the UK's leading Top Health Retreats she now practices in Central London and Hertfordshire. Melissa supports the charity Thyroid UK and regularly contributes nutrition articles for their members and can often be found quoting nutrition tips in newspapers and magazines.

Most of Melissa's clients have been seeing her for years along with their families and most of her clients are through referrals and is passionate about building a nutrition/health practice that is open to everyone.

Melissa has 2 teenage children and loves cooking for her family, friends and her dog "Fonzi". Melissa started her younger life singing and her passion was jazz/soul music and then through chance worked in the commodity/financial sector. Through family members and herself not feeling well, she embarked on a nutrition degree and has not stopped working or learning ever since.

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