12:00 - 13:00

Reflecting on the first two months of the end of transition, the panel will review the impact of the UK’s trade deals on the global food system. How has the UK managed in the wake of leaving the EU? What is the result for production, retail and consumers? Has trading been compromised from both import and export? How have British and international businesses been affected by trading outside the UK?

Chair: Professor Peter Jackson, Co-Director of the Institute for Sustainable Food, The University of Sheffield  

Marco Springmann, Senior Researcher, Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food

Dr Hugo de Vries, Research Director, Science Direction Food and Economy, French National Institute for Agricultural Food and Environmental Research (INRAE) & President, European Federation of Food Science and Technology

Ash Amirahmadi, Managing Director, Arla Foods UK

Tim Rycroft, Chief Operating Officer, Food and Drink Federation


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