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Personal Profile:
Extracted from Nature. Crafted by Kalsec.
Kalsec is a family-owned company providing innovative expertise in culinary extracts, oxidation management and natural colours. Starting with vertical integration and responsible sourcing, through to culinary assistance and quality assurance, our team of experts around the Globe create solutions to give you a competitive edge, always focusing on quality and reliability. We take pride in our expertly crafted ingredients that combine naturally sourced materials with market insight and technical expertise. Our team will work with you to provide a unique solution to make your product look better, taste better and last longer.

Stay on the cutting edge of innovation with products carefully crafted by Kalsec.

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Company Profile:
- Food & Drink Ingredients Supplier

Ingredients Areas of Interest:
- Clean Label
- Flavour / Colour
- Herbs / Spices
- Organic
- Plant Based / Vegan

Finished Products Areas of Interest:
- Natural
- Meeting Partner Sought:
- Food & Drink Manufacturer / Brand Owner
- Food & Drink Contract Manufacturer
- Private Label Food & Drink Contract Manufacturer
- Private Label Retail NPD Development
- Private Label Food Service NPD Development