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Meet the food tech disruptors transforming the food and drink landscape in the latest episode of the Table Talk Podcast, and learn about the challenges they faced MORE


Is the reason ultra-processed food is so bad for us found hidden in our gut? A new study suggests that our gut microbiome may be why this food causes obesity and disease MORE


On June 12th a team from the University of Reading was named the winner of the gold prize at Ecotrophelia for their innovative vegan energy sweets for endurance athletes  MORE

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The first in a series on gut health, hear from one of the most exciting people working in this field, Tim Spector as he explores the relationship between the microbiome, health and wellbeing MORE


Genetics have little to do with how we process food, says a new study that looked at how even identical twins react differently to the meals that they consume MORE


It's clear that behavioural change is needed in order to improve health and wellbeing. What will it take to make these changes and what can the food industry do to help?  MORE

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Young Foodies, the specialist service provider who run the UK's largest community of challenger brands join the supporters of the Food Matters Live 2019 UK Future Brands initiative  MORE


New for 2019 is the New Ingredients Showcase. Designed to meet the needs of the many NPD, technical or innovation professional visitors looking for new ingredient ideas  MORE


The British Argentine Chamber of Commerce, Prowexx, Agroportex.Bio  are among the new international partners to confirm support of Food Matters Live 2019 MORE